Monsanto wants you to think warm, fuzzy thoughts about them|Ensuring you have a voice in the GMO debate

Posted on February 7, 2010


The biggest joke of a marketing campaign is underway now, and if you believe what this marketing campaign is putting out, then I’ve got a bridge to sell you. Check it out then keep reading because it’s important to your health that you understand what this commercial is trying to get you to believe.

Monsanto is an agriculture company that has the largest piece of the pie in the seed, herbicide & pesticide business. The majority of corn & soybeans in this country (and in much of the world) come from Monsanto, and they also sell seeds for much of the non-organic fruit & vegetables in stores today. They are a veritable monster in the industry & they know it. They’ve also taken some serious heat for their practices since the movie “Food, Inc.” came out. Haven’t seen it yet? Put it on your ‘required-viewing’ list before the end of the month. I’m serious.

They even created a seed that actually already has the pesticide built into it, so that the fruit or vegetable can actually release pesticides from inside itself to fend off bugs. This is one version of genetically modified food (GMOs). Just so it’s clear – tomatoes that produce the pesticide from within the fruit mean that you cannot remove the pesticide from washing it. You will  eat the pesticide.

Monsanto wants you to think that they are doing this wonderful thing by creating pesticides that save crops from bugs & disease, since bugs in crops means less overall crops, which means less overall food for the world. Sounds noble right? Doing “right by the people” “saving our economy by employing people at our factories”- it all sounds nice. Bullshit. I understand that it’s a free country so Monsanto can stand for their right to make stuff & preach stuff, but when what they make has shown itself to create alterations to metabolic, physiological, & immunological pathways in the bodies of the animals & people that eat them, then we have a problem.

 That corn chip & salsa you ate at the Super Bowl party this weekend probably came from a GMO corn crop & GMO tomatoes that had pesticides in the seeds that went into the salsa you ate. So thank you Monsanto, you just ate pesticides & genetically modified food that will impact your body.

And that is where the problem is. Just like cigarettes are legal to make & legal t0 buy if over age 18, you have the right to make & eat GMO foods if you want. But with cigarettes, you have to make the choice to consume the product (heck, you even have the right to choose to step away from people who light up cigarettes!) With GMO foods – those that have been altered to have pesticides inside or have had their chemical make-up changed to withstand disease – you have almost NO CHOICE in the use or avoidance of these foods.

GMO foods are not regulated by the federal government (in fact, many of Monsanto’s people work in the highest levels of US Government) & a consumer must look very closely to determine if food they are consuming contain GMO produce. So you actually have less of a freedom to choose here than you do with the freedom to choose or avoid cigarettes. Lovely. Consider the following:

– If it’s not organic, it’s using pesticides & genetically modified seeds to grow the crops.

– If it’s in a box & NOT LABELED OTHERWISE, it has been made with genetically modified ingredients: chips, soybeans, beets, rice, popcorn, sauces, crackers, baby food, even meats since those animals were fed GMO corn unless otherwise labeled.

– In Europe, you must label any food item that contains GMO ingredients. Here? Not so much. It IS possible to give people the right to know & choose/pass on GMO foods – why are we not getting that choice??