“Nobody ever regrets it”

Posted on January 19, 2010


Thank you Nike for always having something motivational to say on the front of a t-shirt. I’d like to know who the person(s) are who find & come up with all these slogans. I’d be so disappointed if it was a bunch of fat guys who weren’t exercising & living this totally optimal life. I mean, c’mon! My newest Nike shirt, gift from world-famous triathlon client Jen :-), told me that “Nobody ever regrets it.” I really hope that the creator of this shirt was truly referring to life , your body, & how you care for it, and not some cheeseburger.

Nobody ever regrets it. So…yeah, that’s true….when it comes to fitness/wellness stuff. “Darn, I wish I hadn’t eaten that salmon & roasted veggies- I really regret it. Now I’m going to have leaner, stronger muscles. Bummer!”…nope, pretty sure no one says that. Now, when it comes to not healthy/fitness-y stuff…you can almost always regret the decision if its taking you further from your goal, further from who you intend to be as a person, and further from health/closer to death. Going to an early grave due to cigarette smoking, processed food eating, or lack of movement in daily life – yeah, you can definitely regret that.

(Booming bravado voice) “I don’t regret the way I lived my life, even though I’ve now died from a preventable heart attack at 40.” Yeah, nope, doesn’t work as a true statement. At least not for those who want to have a purpose in life. That’s why it makes me laugh when those contestants on Biggest Loser or whatever life-makeover show happens to be on & they’re on tape saying, “It’s hard to go to the gym when you’re kid is saying, ‘dad please play trucks with me instead,’ how can I leave my kid for an hour or two a day to go exercise?”

First of all, your kid, your spouse, your friend, your mother-in-law….none of them would appreciate you dying early from something totally preventable by exercising regularly. So don’t be an ass & do that to them.

Second of all, your kid is just that. Their cognitive reasoning isn’t highly developed yet. It’s your job to teach them about what you go to the gym for, & why you serve healthy dinners for the family. If your kid can say the above statement to you, then you haven’t done that yet. It doesn’t matter their age, scale it down appropriately, and they’ll get it. Kids are just kids, but kids are smart.

Third, you’ll still find time to play trucks with your kid, or have dinner with your friends, or hang out with your spouse, or whatever it is that you’re worried you’ll no longer have time for if you were making time for regular, strenuous workouts. Seriously. Athletes find time to do a ton of stuff in their day. Because they’ve figured it out – that if you schedule & compartmentalize your time, and view it as a “requirement” of your day rather than a “maybe,” you get a ton done. Your workout should not be a waste of time, if it is, you won’t want to do it. So you’ve decided to go workout – you better do something that’s going to have an effect. Don’t know what to do? That’s a different story & you can get started on learning good workouts by heading here to get pre-made workouts to do in your home or in the gym. They are mixed in with the other tips of the week, so as you go looking for workouts, you’ll find helpful tips on other parts of living a healthy life!

Did you know that a new report on health came out & the startling statement was this, *40 is the new 35*. Oprah was famous for always celebrating whatever decade age she was turning & saying it was “the new 40,” meaning that 40 used to be so old, but now, women who are 40 aren’t old – they’re hip, fun women – who  certainly act younger than their mothers did at 40. Well, this is the unfortunate opposite of such a statement. It’s not an honor to have the life or body of a 40 year old when you’re only 35.

The majority of our country now has gotten so unhealthy that they have the health & body of a 40 year old, 5 years before they actually turn 40! You guys!! Come on!! What is it going to take for you to not send yourself to an early grave via a sickly life? The top three killers of Americans today (Heart Disease, Cancer, & the Medical System-are you confused by the 3rd one? Hang on.) are PREVENTABLE. Preventable!! Here’s what does a lot to prevent these killers: 1) exercise – cardio, resistance training & stretching  2) eat high-quality healthy foods; how often are you doing these things? 

Ok, to back track about that 3rd killer in the top three: it’s true. Between botched surgeries or hospital stays, misdiagnosis, & pharmaceutical drugs – the Medical System is the # 3 leading killer of Americans. Read this to learn more. Doctors can help you in life-threatening situations, to be sure. But – we have been trained to take pills for everything under the sun – not good!- to consider an angiogram something that’s almost a ‘routine’ part of growing older – no way!- and to just expect “aging” to happen in the form of breakdown & disrepair – not true! I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again…you must be your own advocate & you should consider doing considerable research about any drugs, treatments, and procedures doctors want to do to you. If those things are your only option left, then you go for it. But, more than likely, there are going to be lifestyle changes you can make that will make a huge impact on the quality of your health. If you’re not doing those, then your skipping a valuable & more natural step in treating your health.

So take a look at your level of health & fitness. If you continue on the path you’re on, will you regret it when you get to the end of your life? Will you wish you’d had less sickness or more energy? Will you wish you’d been around for your grandkids or great grandkids? What you won’t do is regret the sweat, burning muscles & the active fitness level that come from working out regularly. You won’t regret the happiness that comes from having a body that works for you.

Nobody ever regrets it.