RK Tip of the Week|Charlie Sheen is your new workout buddy-New Workout for you!

Posted on January 13, 2010


What are you making time for?

We make time for that which we value. And we overcome hurdles to ensure we have time for those things that valuable to us.

We re-arrange things to get to spend more time with longtime friends in town for just the weekend…we scramble to finish work projects to make it to our kids’ band concert (no matter how many times you’ve heard “Greensleeves” on the clarinet)…we even ensure we’re home to watch our favorite sports team (or for the ladies, the latest Bachelor/Top Chef/Project Runway episode).

And when it comes time to exercise & cook/eat healthy food, we seem to have a strong aversion to the small space-time measurement it will take to follow through on these things. If exercise is boring to you, then we just haven’t found the form of exercise that motivates you…or more likely, we just haven’t gotten you attached to a goal that you find worthy of success.

*For example, I am not super motivated to workout really hard to look good in a swimsuit – if I have to watch my diet & do hours of cardio just to look good in a swimsuit, then I’m not any more motivated to go exercise. However, I am motivated to be as fit as I possibly can be, which means being able to DO tons of stuff – lots of pushups, pullups, finish a running race, do adventure sports, have a body that functions well without aches & pains or limitations. Now, the result of working out for all those reasons I listed, is that you end up feeling & looking good, and that is a nice secondary result to this whole thing.

So first, what are you most motivated to get out of your life? Maybe looking better & 50 then you did at 30 is really motivating to you? Maybe being the best example to your kids you can possibly be is motivating to you? Whatever it is, you have to find it – and then stay focused on it in all decisions you make. Mentioned before on this blog, ask yourself, “What’s the payoff?” If there is no payoff from the decision you are about to make that would move you closer to what ultimately motivates you, then consider it strongly before you decide to make that less-than-optimal-decision.

But in the meantime, while you’re figuring out what truly motivates you, here’s a mini-workout you can do during your fave TV show that I know you’ve made time for (or have made time to watch from your DVR). Here’s what you do:

– Pick a TV show (this is geared for a 30 min show, bonus points if you do a 60 min show, just double this series)

– Use the actual show time to lay or sit on the floor or in a chair & do stretches (the whole time, no ‘just sitting’!)

– At each commercial, do the exercise listed for that number commercial. Keep track of what number you’re at so at the 2nd commercial break, you can keep going down your list.

**Note: This does not count as a “high intensity” workout/cardio session. This DOES count as a flexibility, stability day & if you’re new to exercise, then this would also count as a strength day. Those of you who’ve been working out for a while now, up the intensity where you see fit by doing 1 leg instead of 2, adding dumbbells or a weight object.

Here we go!

Commercial 1 – Plank hold (2 feet on ground if beginner, or 1 foot if advanced)

C 2 – Pushups (knees if beginner, toes if advanced – if on toes, do not put knees on ground at all!)

C 3 – Alternating reverse lunge

C 4 – V-Sit hold (feet on ground if beginner, feet off ground for advanced, if still too easy, lift arms above head) *Sit on the floor on sitz bones, chest up, core in, knees bent. Lean back, keeping core engaged, you’ll feel your core tense.

C 5 – 1- Leg Squat (one leg whole time, if beginner & can’t do squat yet, just balance on 1 leg) Do one leg the whole time. Reach hand as low as you can down leg, but keep chest up i.e. no bending over at waist, do squat as if you’re sitting into a chair, but on 1 leg)

*Reminder!! You’re supposed to be doing stretching during the actual show!! Are you?

C 6 – 1-Leg Squat (other leg whole time)

C 7 – Cobra Hold for entire commercial (Lay face down, pull upper body, arms & hands off ground. Turn thumbs up & away from body, so pinkie finger is next to body & thumb is out & away from body. Squeeze shoulder blades back & down)

C 8 – The Pavel (so named for one of my clients – stand with legs spread far apart, feet facing forward, keeping back straight & chest out, bend left leg, reaching hands to left foot. You’ll bend over at the waist a bit, but you don’t want your back to round like a turtle. Come up to center, then bend R knee, leaning to R, reaching hands to R foot. Repeat with quick movements back & forth)

C 9 – Side Plank on 1 side (on knees if beginner, just bring knees back so they line up with hips & if advanced, straighten legs so balancing on elbow & feet, really advanced should do straight arm so hand is on ground instead of elbow)

C 10 – Side Plank on other side

If God forbid there are more than 10 commercials in your chosen show, then go back & choose the exercises that were most difficult & repeat them at subsequent commercials, and then consider how many advertising dollars just flowed past your eyeballs & you were immune to them all because your mindset was focused on self-betterment…not on which new low-sugar fake food is being advertised, or what diet plan commercial was just on TV.

Don’t forget that you just did more with your 30 minutes than most people do all day for exercise. Congratulations! Now, figure out what that ultimate motivator is, and repeat this again in 48 hours!