Prove that you’re smarter than this…no dieting this year

Posted on January 12, 2010


From a recent blog by Larry D. Woodard, ad agency exec, on this diet & why we have a weight crisis in this country,

It's elementary, my dear Watson!

“Researchers at Johns Hopkins University predict that 75 percent of Americans will be overweight by 2015 and 41 percent will be obese. They blame, in part, misleading spins in food advertising.”

We’ve got weight loss centers & meal delivery companies in over-drive with their commercials this time of year. Detox teas & pills line end-cap displays in pharmacies & health food stores alike.

And Taco Bell has jumped into the ‘dieting’ game. Hell hath begun its chilly freeze-over.

As Eddie Izzard said at the kick-off of his show this weekend, “I believe in us”- I too believe in us to know better than to believe the ad agency that marketed this hair-brained idea that Taco Bell, one of the lowest on the fast food chain, could be part of a healthy lifestyle. Cigarette companies are not allowed to market to kids. Taco Bell & other fast food places should not be allowed to market themselves as something they are not to people who need help with a condition that IF not addressed, WILL shorten their life. Being overweight or obese is a condition that will shorten your life if you do not do something about it. Taco Bell trying to say they can help with this condition is simply ridiculous.

Here’s why it’s ridiculous:

The chicken contains soy (known allergen), a form of MSG & 25 other ingredients…it’s chicken folks. Should be 1 ingredient & a few spices. That’s it.

The beef contains wheat & soybeans (known allergens), plus 24 other ingredients…wheat in the beef…lovely.

The steak contains soy (known allergen) & at least 3 different forms of MSG, along with several preservatives, specifically, BHT, that is also used in jet fuel, petroleum products, & embalming fluid.

So, like many other fast food places, even the things you think are simple & safe – they are not. Fast food companies &  food production companies are not looking out for your best health. Can you enjoy junk food every so often? (Junk food being anything that is not part of your normal nutritional profile & offers little or no nutritional value)

The answer is YES! But you’ve veered far off course when you’re able to ‘drive through’ to pick up your treat. With the exception of getting coffee in the morning, there is never an acceptable time to consume something from a drive through – the quality just is not there – for you to consume something that is going to benefit your body. But you already know that, right?

There’s one thing I want to ensure we’re all clear on…now, you’re a smart bunch…I can tell…you readers are a savvy group. So let’s be clear, you are too smart to fall for some nutrition campaign put up by people who are not even in the world of health & fitness. They have a product, and they want you to buy it. Plain & simple. And you are far too smart to fall for a sleek “fit” label on a food product or a “healthy choice” sign on that fast food meal. Make this the year you ignore all the ad campaigns & sleek marketing & give yourself real foods that are healthful based off of real, sound nutrition – not fly-by-night nutrition education sent out by ad agencies.

There is no magic pill, no quick fix. There is no way around exercise. There is nothing healthier than real food. Fake sugar is bad. Low fat is bad too. Things in boxes should not be trusted. Things that must make nutritional claims are probably not food to begin with. Health comes from things that come from the earth – vegetables, fruits, nuts. Your meat should have been fed grass for its’ life – not corn. You ever see a cow peel an ear of corn? It wasn’t designed to eat corn. Don’t eat things that eat things that they were not designed to eat. Dieting never works. Eating real food in the right combinations does.

You’re smarter than this. Remember that the next time you hit the grocery store or read about the latest workout craze. You’re smarter than this.