RK Tip of the Week|10 Things (+a few)to really do this year

Posted on January 6, 2010


Did you know that Google, while already storing something like a billion pages of information, in the year 2000 had

computers evolved, so can your body

 only just won its first “Webby” award….which I guess is like an Oscar, but is voted on by people who speak in computer code. It’s a big deal to win one.

The point is, it’s now 2010 – only 10 years have passed & Google is now launching its’ own phone & is otherwise in control of the world as a whole through its’ significant array of tools, technologies, and otherwise “cool” stuff.

No you did not stumble upon some techie blog on accident, this is still Fit For Real Life. The Tip for you this week relates to that Google story in that, if you make the choice today to start doing these “10 Things (+ a few)” items, you’ll actually get some serious steam going on your engine of positive life change. You think Google just did the same thing year after year & hoped they would get to where they are today? Do you think they said, “ya know…someday, we should have this Google email thing, and some other time, we should create apps that will be part of cell phones.” Nope. They took a look at all the things that “would be really cool if they could actually do them,” and they DID THEM.

So! To kick the year off for you, I give you the “Top 10 Things (+ a few) to really do this year”. This means that, once and for all, you really should actually start doing these small things. Not only will they help your health, wellness & fitness – but they will help your mood, your energy, your focus, your self-discipline levels, essentially, you don’t even know what your life will be like at the start of 2020 if you start now with these things. Today? Small healthy steps. Next decade? You can’t even imagine what you’ll be able to do, what you’ll desire to do, or what will be put in front of you to do!

Top 10 Things (+ a few) to really do this year:

10. Drink water – not just with your meals – throughout the day. Your fat stores & processing systems will thank you & will release more garbage & fat accordingly.

9. Find a “Me Time” stress manager & actually do it. And don’t feel guilty when you do it. We have been a nation of “others before me”, and whether a true statement or an excuse for not living optimally – it’s time to change that for the good of YOU and your servant self.

8. Buy local produce & meat/eggs/dairy. It’s not as hard as you think & if you really want to help the economy – buy locally from farmers who are right in your community.

7. Laugh, loudly, often. The alternative suck-the-life-out-of-0thers attitude just isn’t working anymore.

6. When something is uncomfortable or annoying, think of something you’re thankful for to re-focus your mind. For example, my big toe is injured and lets me know that every step I take, getting annoyed only sends out negative energy (see #7), thinking, “I’m thankful I have a toe to be able to feel the pain there.” Go ahead, roll your eyes, but it works.

5. Acknowledge that there was never an acceptable time or age to eat pop-tarts, even if they are full of fake fiber.

4. When exercising, stop calling your non-dominant/strong side  as your “bad side.” It does not appreciate being referred to as the “bad one” and again, will receive the negative energy from that negative naming you’ve done. It’s the leg or arm you have to focus on more – not “the bad one.”

3. Get organic into your life in produce and meat – a little a time. It’s slightly higher priced for a reason – because you’re buying a higher quality product. But guess what, if you shop smart, you’ll find deals everywhere.

2. Teach your kids (or your self) the difference between FOOD, and FOOD PRODUCTS. There is a significant difference between the two. Real food does not have 43 ingredients. Read your labels.

1. Limit or remove entirely, gluten from your life. There are other grains out there – learn about them. This is not a free-f0r-all to buy every boxed product that is gluten-free. This is a call to you to eat real food – that is naturally gluten free.

1A. Learn about probiotics & digestive enzymes & the roles they play in ensuring your gut has the optimal environment to break down food & utilize nutrients.

1B. Change your self statements from “I’ve always been…” to “I’m working on becoming…” If you’ve “always been” then you’ll “always be”, and that’s not always the best thing.

For more information about each of these tips, Fit For Real Life has a multitudeof articles for you to learn from. I hope you’ll use this list as a reference point for becoming someone you don’t even know exists yet. Here’s to the new & improved YOU!