“This Emotional Life” airing on PBS tonight may help your resolution goals

Posted on January 5, 2010


How’s those New Years Resolutions coming? I’m really proud for many of you who’ve told me about your resolutions for this year! You’ve given some thought to the things you want to be better at & now you’re going to implement a plan to make it happen….right? (the sound of pins dropping…)

No really – you have a plan of how you’re going to attack all the reasons why you may have not prioritized this goal before & you’re already implementing those new action steps, right?

Well, in case you cannot answer mightily “YES!” to the above questions, you should consider tuning in tonight to “This Emotional Life” on PBS (WTTW- 11 here in Chicago). It’s a three-part PBS series that explores ways to improve our social relationships, cope with emotional issues, and become more positive about moving through life & it’s experiences. And for those of you who still think PBS is just stuffy old folks & Sesame Street – think again. It’s a documentary that interviews social psychologists, relationship therapists, famous actors, musicians & authors, along with real people, to share how we, as humans, are wired to be – and how we can overcome potential negative things in our lives. And it’s not like those documentaries you watched in high school – it’s actually entertaining & informative – and getting to

When you’re resolving to “be better,” “do more,” “be happier,” you need to have a way to define those things, right?, otherwise – “be better” becomes just a blanket statement that has no direction & no end result in mind. New Years resolutions tend to be this way – and thus, the high quit-rate of resolutions by February 1. So, once you have clearly defined that resolution of yours, you need to clearly define the action plan to get there. “Do ‘x’ 3 times per week,” “When I crave doing ‘this’ I’m going to do ‘that’ instead,” etc.

Why not take a little assistance on the plan-building part by utilizing resources that can help you to progress forward faster & with less hiccups? Personal trainers to help you reach a health/fitness goal, books to motivate you to change your perspective on certain things, counseling for quitting habits that are destructive to your life…which is why I wanted you to know about “This Emotional Life” on tonight & tomorrow on PBS. Tonight’s episode is about ‘Facing our Fears.’ They will examine how negative emotions (which play a big role in why people fail at their commitments to themself) arise & how we can manage/cope with them.

**Last night examined relationships on all levels, so if you’re resolving to get better at that, you might want to catch a re-run of that one, or head to the site to check out all the resources they have here.

So I recommend you check it out & get plugging away on those New Years Resolutions! I can’t wait to hear how they are coming along on Feb. 1 .

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