RK Tip of the Week|Forward motion…as long as there is forward motion

Posted on December 30, 2009


Ever watch a baby learning to walk? They are totally unsure of what they are doing, but there is this innate knowledge that at some point they should start standing with their legs under them and then start moving those legs just like the big people in their life do.

You don’t ever see a baby sit down with their arms folded & say “the hell with this” after the 50th time they wobble & fall on their butt. They have this built-in understanding that for life to progress for them, they need to figure out this walking thing. And to top it off, we don’t really even know if babies understand our ‘baby-speak’ of arms outstretched paired with the words ‘come to mommy’ or ‘come to grandma’. So the best we can gather, almost every baby with normal development patterns innately commits to growing within the world they live, by taking their first steps at some point in their first years of life.

The vast majority of us learned to walk at some point in our lives. Some of us did it later than others, but most of us were blessed with the ability to learn to walk. And every single one of us who learned to walk fell on our butts a whole bunch of times before we got it right. In fact, for the first few years of our lives, we took quite a few tumbles…on our butts…on our elbows…on our heads…and we still got up, and went at it again.

Forward progress. That’s what that is. It’s innate. Inside a person. Working before you even have the self-perception to understand what exactly is at work inside you.

Somewhere along the way, the vast majority of us shove down that innate drive for forward progress in some area of our life, sometimes only for a short while, other times for the majority of our adult life. Maybe we stall out on our career advancement. Maybe it’s our personal growth that peters out. Perhaps we sputter out on our personal care of our health. The amazing thing about forward progress though is that, in any of these areas, or in any area that you want to be moving forward & currently are not, all it takes is one tap forward for the ball to get rolling. Once the ball picks up momentum, well, ask Isaac Newton what happens when you put an object in motion (it stays in motion for those of you who skipped physics class).

The difference between adults & babies learning to walk, is that babies either don’t have, or don’t listen to a strong internal voice that reminds them about all the reasons why they won’t be successful, why it just won’t work for them, or why it’s just not worth it to accomplish the task at hand. As we turn the calendar to 2010, consider your health & if you’re making forward progress on it. After all, while career advancement & personal self growth are important for life-long happiness & success – if you’re 6 ft. under because you failed to care for your health, the other two really don’t matter, do they?

All you need to do is ensure you have forward motion going for yourself – the rest will come – if you have forward motion. Truly, when you get a baby’s feet going forward, they tend to keep moving forward until they reach their destination or their legs reach their endurance capacity to walk any further. Get your forward motion going & let the laws of physics take over from there. It may seem hard to take those first steps toward a new health or wellness goal, but with each committed step forward, progress begins to come easier, and forward motion comes more regularly, and with greater results.

1) Do something for your health (and your self) every day – eat a meal that will feed your body in addition to feeding your taste buds, get out of your chair & do 5 mins of stretching to remind your body to be lengthened & flexible, exercise, regardless of whether you “feel” like it…what if your heart didn’t “feel” like doing its’ job today?

2) Think positive thoughts about yourself every day – negative thoughts about oneself resonate throughout the body, depleting energy from its reserves & holding you back from living your best life.

3) Make the best, most informed, choices that you can when choosing meals & snacks – you may not know all the pieces yet about finding proper nutrients, but you certainly know what a proper portion looks like & what lean protein & fruits & veggies look like.

Regardless of if you set New Years Resolutions or not – the start of a new year is a good time to re-evaluate your forward motion of late & examine if you can get your forward motion going a little better, or get it going from the standstill position it’s been in for the last month, year, decade, lifetime.

Live like a baby & take those first tentative steps forward to a healthier, more fit, more fun, more optimally well life!! A few solid steps will allow for several more solid steps to fall into place after them & before you know it, living optimally well will no longer be a daily decision, but a lifestyle. And you’ll be “walking” in an optimal well life!

 I wish you the very best as we turn the calendar to 2010 – now is the time to get your forward motion going!