Heart attacks at the age of 10

Posted on December 10, 2009


Do I have your attention?

That is now a possibility as America’s kids climb into the overweight & obese categories faster than any other generation has previously done. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center has released a report showing that today’s kids now have more risk factors for heart disease than their parents. The reason? The sharply rising rate of obesity in children – kids today have a significantly higher Body Mass Index (BMI) than children in the past – and what’s more scary, they have increased mass in their left heart ventricles, which is a known risk factor for both heart attacks & strokes.

I’ll wait a moment while that sinks in….& it should sink in whether you have kids or not, because this study shows us exactly what the result is of our precipitous walk on the cliffs’ edge of fast food/lack of movement/general acceptance of unhealthy habits.

Huff Post did a nice little write-up here http://www.huffingtonpost.com/joanna-dolgoff-md/childhood-obesitys-contri_b_384678.html taking note of a just as scary fact…parents of obese kids don’t realize their kids are obese because, we, in this country have a fun-house mirror image of what healthy bodies look like.

One the same day that this was posted, MSN.com posted the “Top 10 most overrated health foods of 2009”. Guess who made this list? Two of the top cereals kids eat today. Cheerios. And Cocoa Krispies. Touted for their health benefits to kids, neither of them actually have the health benefits that they claim. And here lies the problem…

The words “savvy consumer” take on a whole new meaning when you have food producers actively trying to gussy up their products to look like more than they are, to sell them to moms & dads as something they actually are not. I feel for parents who unknowingly buy their kids yogurt-in-a-tube because they think it’s a “fun way to get their kids some calcium”…nevermind the fact that it’s chock full of sugar & additives (chemicals).

If anyone cares about turning this tubby ship around, it’s going to take a lot of voices all saying the same things. Your voice can be heard every time you check out at the supermarket. Whatever you buy is a vote for not only that product, but for that company’s way of doing business & marketing to you. The groceries you buy are only one aspect of steering our ship toward healthier waters, but it’s an important one & one that is easily done by any person who is willing.

Either way, we have to do something or this ship is sinking fast. And we – and our kids – are too important to let that happen.

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