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Posted on December 9, 2009


Ok, so you’re back in town. You drank too many margaritas. You threw ‘hunger’ to the wind at your all-inclusive & ate at the buffet/human trough more times than you can remember, and you may have forgotten to workout “enough” on vacation.

Yes, we found a sushi bar in Mexico & yes, it was good.

No this does not totally describe me right now. Not totally. Too many margaritas? Yes. But I like to workout, vacation or not, and I just can’t eat crazy things like many people would do on vacay due to the Gluten-Free thing & because I just wouldn’t eat until I was stuffed…ever.

But coming back from vacation where workout schedules, nutritional profiles, and vitamin/supplement routines were anything BUT routine – this is my chance to share with you exactly how to get your body back to “optimal” after it’s been bombarded by alcohol, extra calories, too little water, and only a few workouts to balance all the laying on the beach.

Does this only work after you come back from vacation & are ready to get on track? Nope! In here you’ll find the perfect Tips for getting back on track after any absence from ‘optimal’ i.e. when the New Year is looming quickly & you are realizing you need to get truly serious about your health, wellness & fitness.

Bouncing Back to Optimal: The Guide

1. Start sending breakdown & repair signals as soon as possible. i.e. go for a workout – cardio or weights – it doesn’t matter which.

  • If your body has been sedentary for days or weeks, simply getting a renewed signal to it that says “Hey, there’s some extra workload now. We better burn off a few of these calories. While we’re at it, we better break down this old decaying stuff & start rebuilding with newer materials!” will be the catalyst you need to start boosting your metabolism again.
  • What to do:
    • Go for 35-60 mins at a pace of strength training or cardio that you can do throughout, but DON’T go at the same pace the whole time. Break up the intensity like a rolling hill, rising then recovering then rising again.

2. It’s critical to re-balance your gut – failing to do so will decrease the effectiveness of any healthy food or supplement.

  • Any period of time of excess – drinking, eating – not only adds lbs., it can massively affect your gut health (your stomach & intestines). Your gut is only secondary to your brain in quantity of nerves & vital functions. Mess this up & the whole kit-and-caboodle is messed up i.e. functions you’d never relate to your gut go hay-wire. 
  • Commonly, in a gut that has taken on the excesses of food & drink, you’ll find an overgrowth of Candida(a yeast normally found in the gut, but when allowed to over-produce, it wreaks havoc throughout the body), an imbalanced pH, & possibly even a development of food allergies/sensitivities.
  • Candida overgrowth result in a myriad of symptoms: recurrent yeast infections, oral thrush, brain fog, congestion, stomach upset, skin irritations, and more things than I can list on this page.
  • pH balance regulates your entire body – get the wrong pH going in your blood, and you die. Imbalanced pH in the gut messes with the body’s functions for producing energy & water – the two things you need to survive.
  • Food allergies/sensitivities can develop from an overconsuption of a certain food or food type, or from the body missing out on key vitamins & minerals to break down said food & thus the body views it as an inflammatory response & attacks, rather than befriends the food.
  • What to do:
    • **Getting on a probiotic as soon as possible will help re-populate the gut with friendly flora, thus leading your gut ecology closer to a balanced atmosphere where the good flora can do their thing & keep the “bad” flora to a minimum. And as I’ve said before, Activia does not count – that’s just a sugar-filled yogurt dressed up in a savvy-marketing dress.
    • **Consider taking digestive enzymes. When taken at the start of the meal, they send the proper enzymes to the gut, who may not be making enough of their own, & help to break down the food as it comes. This is important because if you’re eating a banana, or a piece of chicken, if you want to absorb the nutrients from the banana or chicken, you need enzymes in your stomach to break them down & use them.
    • Get on your vitamin/supplement schedule ASAP so that a complete spectrum of nutrients is getting into your body & assisting every single function in your body.

3. Run to the foods that will feed your whole body, not just your craving. You got to do enough ‘craving’ in your “off-time.”

  • Eating sweets, salty foods, and fatty foods WILL create an increased desire for more of those foods in the future. This is what every food producer knows & thus why most foods sold in fast-food & sit-down places are some combo of sweet, salty and/or fatty.
  • Choosing certain foods will provide ample amounts of key vitamins & nutrients that will help you to balance out your body & manage down your cravings for unhealthy foods.
  • What to do:
    • Eat the superheroes of nutrition – beets, kale, broccoli, spinach, salmon, blueberries/raspberries, organic pastured eggs, coconut oil, colorful vegetables like red peppers, asparagus & red onion – along with lean/clean proteins & healthy fats from olive oil, real butter, & real dairy.
    • Avoid any foods that promote inflammation (head over to the ‘nutrition’ section for articles on inflammation & food additives for more info).
    • DO NOT SEVERELY CUT CALORIES. You’ll only gain weight in the end. Eat enough to be 80% full at each meal & be sure to eat every 4 hours, at least.
  • The superheroes of nutrition all help balance your pH by creating an alkaline environment in your body, as well as bring you great nutritional properties such as:
  • …beets – full of K2, which sends calcium everywhere it’s supposed to go (the bones), and nowhere it’s not supposed to go (the heart), as well as play a role in supporting the adrenals & thyroid…
  • …kale- rich in vitamins A,K, & C and acts as an internal detoxifier & has been shown time & again to lower the chance of getting cancer.
  • …coconut oil- rich in lauric acid, found also in mothers’ milk, it helps support a healthy metabolism & acts as an anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-microbial…can’t think of a better way to boost immunity than this!
  • …real butter & dairy – NOT “I Can’t Believe it’s not whatever” & not not-from-nature-pink yogurt – the real deal foods are where you’ll find the healthy properties of high protein (yogurt), lauric acid & easily absorbable vitamin A to assist in adrenal function (butter), even more probiotics to boost gut health (yogurt), lecithin- which assists in cholesterol metabolism & Activator X-which helps in mineral breakdown/use in the body (butter).

4. ASAP make a date with your Blackberry/iPhone/PDA to set dates to sweat almost every day of your life, till death do you part.

  • I can’t stress it enough people, your body needs regular, repeated signals of exertion to trigger the flood of rebuilding chemicals in your body & to slow the decay chemicals. Every species on the planet is here today because they evolved through actions or non-actions; had we been lazy a million years ago, and not taken action in life to hunt, gather, and run from killer animals, we’d probably not look like the humans we see today. If the rate of overweight & obese people in this world continues to rise, humans a thousand years from now will either cease to exist or will exist as something new- fat, slothenly walruses types.
  • I’m proud of you if you start by taking a walk around the block, but remember, you must work hard enough to break a sweat. It doesn’t have to be a buckets of sweat workout, but enough to perspire & feel like you’re working. It’s called a WORKout for a reason. If it were called a RESTout, it would be easy. It’s a workout folks, make it hard. If you don’t know how, search this site for workouts in the Tip of the Week section, the fitness section, and/or contact me directly for personal coaching.

Start on these things immediately & you will begin to feel a change in your body in 24 to 48 hours – IF you get your mindset right. If you do this kicking & screaming the whole way, then don’t even do it because you won’t feel any different except to feel deprived. But! If you want to feel great, look great, and live an optimal well life – then I say, welcome back! Let’s get this baby going!

**While writing this week’s tip, it hit me how much more I have to say on this topic. Keep checking back for follow-up Guides, or possibly even an e-book, depending on just how much I really do have to say on just these 4 Tips (and I can already think of a bunch of other things to off-shoot to you from here) so I hope you’ll stay connected to Fit For Real Life as we finish out 2009 & swing into 2010!