PMA: Never thought feta would get me as it has

Posted on November 24, 2009


Before you go skipping this one because you aren’t “into” feta cheese, hang with me for a moment. Feta, is not what you may be thinking it is…

– It is not biting like gorgonzola is with its’ biting line of mold running through.

– Most often these days, it’s kind of sad but true, it’s not made from goats or sheep so if you eat dairy of any kind, you’re already eating dairy from cows that probably also make feta cheese.

I bought 2 bricks of feta cheese a week or so ago for my warm kale, beet & feta salad (recipe located in GF Showcase) & thought, “I wonder if all this feta will go bad before I can eat it all.” I should not have worried. I am officially obsessed with feta cheese. There is just something about the mouth-feel of feta that makes whatever you’re eating it with seem so much more rich and filling – and yet – it’s not! Still calorie controlled, still low in fat, still gluten free!

In the kale salad, it was such a wonderful compliment to the garlic cooked kale – I completely understand greek flavor now, with the salty, creamy flavor of the feta usually combined with garlic in some way.

In my scrambled eggs, it was melty & added a salty quality so  I didn’t need to add any more salt. Just ground black pepper, my eggs, & some feta & life is good!

On it’s own…I’ll admit, I took one of the leftover bricks to work and in between clients would enjoy a few bites of feta along with my apple. There is nothing wrong with digging your fork right into a brick of feta cheese – just watch your portion control!

In my burrito bowl (recipe in GF Showcase), I reheated the leftovers for dinner & tossed  few crumbles of feta in after it had been reheated. I got the perfect bite of feta with chipotle ground turkey & onions – creamy, spicy, savory –  and I was immediately transported back to what was one of my favorite meals growing up that I will never eat again due to its unabashedly unhealthy nature. What was this former fave? My mom’s cheese enchiladads…all I can remember is there was tortillas smothered in, wrapped around, layered with TONS and TONS of cheese. My bite? Super healthy & low fat with the feta’s creamy texture- a little goes a long way, low fat ground turkey is infinitely better for you than half a dozen flour tortillas, and there may have been sautéed veggies in my moms’ version, but I don’t remember them.

So there is 4 ways you can use feta cheese, along w/ the stand-by of serving it with lettuce, red onion, kalamata olives & greek dressing in a Greek salad format. I don’t think I have Greek heritage, but with the Greek yogurt, and now feta cheese, I may just be turning into an honorary Greek! Get out there and keep trying new things people, you never know what’s going to surprisingly tasty!

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