Write your story, but be open to revisions along the way

Posted on November 21, 2009


As we grow older, one thing we get really good at is telling “our story.” Our story is made up of everything that got us to where we are now. What our story was not meant  to be, though, was a crutch- or explanation-  for why we are (or are not) one thing or another.

A new day dawns on your story...where will you take it today?

I get the pleasure of being a part of many peoples’ lives as they venture into the realm of fitness education via the many fitness consultations I do each week. At this meeting, we sit down & they get to tell me about why they are the way they are, how they got to where they are today, and where they want to get to (which is where I come in!). And time and again, while I appreciate hearing them tell their story & empathizing with each individual, I’m stunned by how one thing kept them from optimal fitness or wellness, which led to another thing, and 3o years later, it’s snowballed into joints that do not move, 50 extra pounds, posture that is painful & crumbling, or diseases that are now requiring big-time dollars to be spent on prescriptions & doctor visits.

We all need to pay attention to whether our “story” is remaining as a descriptive narrative of where we came from and what we did to get there or if it is starting to mold who we become in the future. Something that happened to us in the past does not have to be what determines who you become in the future – however all too often people fall into that very slump. If we allow what we used to be, or what we used to do or not do, determine who we are becoming 30 years later – we are relegating our lives to be only that which we can see already, rather than that which we cannot yet see on the horizon.

What you used to do is not a reliable indicator of what you’re going to do now – unless you fulfill your own prophecy.

What happened to you in the past is not a Magic 8 Ball predictor of what’s going to happen to you in the future – unless you want it to be.

What you’ve never done before is the worst predictor of what you will or won’t do in the future.

But all too often, this is exactly what happens. Many people, without even realizing it, are using things that were part of their story 10 years ago to explain things that are a part of who they are now or will be moving forward. And this should not be the case at all. In fact, if we stop and think of it, many of us, would wish nothing less than to be labeled by how we were in our youth, or our reckless 20’s, or in our self-serving-career 30’s- or whatever your “less than your best” part of your story was.

Each person has the choice every day to re-invent themselves as someone who learned from the mistakes of yesterday, to grow from the choices of last week & to decide that today is just as good as any day to totally re-define life as they know it. We must simply choose to recognize that we are not victims of our circumstance, in fact, we create our circumstance! And one thing that happens today, should in no way determine the ultimate fate of all that you are.

This is so vitally important with health & fitness because we are never sitting still on the road to or from health. We are either moving toward more optimal health or further away from it. Our body is continuously sending signals out that tell body parts to either keep growing, renewing parts for younger, more vital organs OR to break down & decay without growing any new, youthful parts to replace them. So regardless of if you worked out every day for 10 years but quit when you got married, or if you never exercised because ‘that’s just not what people your age did,’ there is no time like the present to get yourself on the path to being the most optimally health, fit & well you.

Your story may have said one thing about you in the past, but with the awareness to revise your story regularly, you’ll write a whole new chapter in no time & may just be pleasantly surprised at the chapters that come along after that!