PMA: Keenan the Lip Synching Kid & my fave news anchors

Posted on November 12, 2009


I’ve grown up loving WGN news in Chicago. They are a true Chicago station with true Chicago flair- the morning news team does so much more than deliver the ‘hard news’, in fact, when not doing news stories, they fill time with the most inane things ever – dance party Fridays, video of the sports caster making a fool of himself, …the whole set-up is meant to take away some of the serious, downer tone that sometimes comes across in the news today. The best part about this team is their willingness to laugh (loudly!) every single day at work. I think that’s important. (You’ll hear Robin & Larry laughing in this clip)

So I saw this kid Keenan on the show recently & found a clip online to share with you. Keenan slightly resembles the kid from Jerry Maguire & lip synchs club songs complete with hip swivels as good as Tina Turner. Check it out & have a laugh compliments of Keenan.

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