A Hearty Winter Salad

Posted on November 8, 2009


Stop. Do not skip this post. You’re going to think about skipping trying this Gluten Free Showcase when I list the ingredients for this unbelievably good, warm, multi-level flavored, multi-textured salad, but I’m telling you– DO NOT. It will be the biggest “miss” of the year for you.

If you hadn’t noticed, I’m in absolute heaven over this show-stealer salad created for dinner tonight! The idea of the recipe was borrowed a little from other salads, a little from my naturopath’s methods & a little from Kate’s head (which thinks about ways to get you all to enjoy gluten-free food more than I probably should).

I made this to go with Turkey Meatballs, but honestly, those were not worth writing about after I saw & tasted the finished product of this salad. Next time, my entree needs to be huge in flavor to even stand up to this salad. And all you veggers out there? This could easily be your “main” but just upping the quantity of everything. The nutritional value of this salad is just awesome…if you care about that kind of thing, you can review it at the bottom of this post.

Are you ready? Are you willing to take a risk for a great reward? Here we go…

100_0267Warm Garlicked Kale & Beet Salad w/ Walnuts & Feta or Chevre


– 1 bunch kale (have 1 huge bunch per person, about 1/3-1/2 of the total bunch as bound up by the store)

– 1 clove garlic, minced

– 1/2 Tbsp coconut oil per person’s bunch of kale *enough to coat the bottom, don’t worry too much about exact quantities, fat is healthy after all!

– 1 Tbsp chopped walnuts per person

– 2 small beets per person
*if you need to save time: buy pre-washed-cooked-peeled ones in the produce section, I found them near the pre-made salads however!…understand that the pre-steamed ones will cost more & you MUST buy non-GMO beets to avoid the harmful effects of the pesticides injected into the beets that are GMO. 90% of the beet crop in the US is GMO, so make sure you see organic/non-GMO on the label for the beets. *if you have the time, boil or roast the beets for 45mins – 1 hour then let cool & peel off skin

– 1 oz feta cheese (from the brick, not crumbled) per person OR 1 oz Chevre goat cheese


– Wash kale under running water & shake dry, being sure to flatten the leaves so dirt comes out of each little fold.

– Pile kale into a bunch & chop in 1” slices, only taking your knife through 1 direction.

– Heat oil in saute pan over low-medium heat. When it starts to heat but not smoke, add garlic.

– Cook garlic until soft, about 1 min.

– Add kale & start turning to coat with oil & garlic.

– As kale cooks, chop beets into wedges & slice amount of feta needed into slices or if using crumbled chevre, just have it out & ready to go.

– Cook kale for 7 mins, if you think it’s getting too hot, turn pan heat down slightly, but mine was fine at medium-low heat. Leaves should not brown, so keep stirring, and turn down heat as needed.

– At 7 mins, add beets to pan, along with walnuts. Turn salad several times in pan to mix.

– Cook another 1-2 mins to heat everything through. Beets should be warm but if you want hot, just leave on longer. Or if you want your kale more wilty, leave on. But I prefer crisp kale, so I pulled it off the heat at this point.

– Remove everything from pan & plate it. Top with cheese & salt & pepper to taste.

– Enjoy!!!!

I’m not kidding, this warm salad was ridiculous to eat & enjoy, the feta melting in your mouth to soften the stronger taste of garlic. The sturdy kale with a nutty flavor is enhanced by the walnuts mixed throughout. The beets lift the sweetness of the rest of the salad. Delicious!

Nutritional Value of this salad: Kale provides 7x the beta carotene of broccoli, plenty of vitamin A, C, & K- vitamin K helps your body fight cancer, may help fight osteoporosis, & helps prevent hardening of the arteries. Beets provide K2, a vitamin that is very difficult to get into the body & that is integral to maintaining bone density & several body functions. Garlic is used extensively in homeopathic remedies because it is such a broad-spectrum natural antibiotic & provides needed antioxidants to the body to fight free radicals that may cause cancer. Walnuts are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are key in lowering LDL cholesterol. Feta cheese/chevre, if you’re using organic, grass-fed cheese, you’ll get great amounts of CLA & good omega-3 to 6 ratio.

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