Humans blew past ‘danger’ about 50 miles ago

Posted on November 3, 2009


…and they were doing a hundred mph at the time.


slow down for health news!

Day after day another study is published, another article comes out, another expert is teaching us about just how dangerous fast food, soda, genetically modified food, pesticides on produce, hormones in meat & dairy, processed/refined foods are & yet, there are many humans who blow past those warnings like Thelma & Louise running from the law, as if slowing down might actually cause those warnings to sink in to the deeper layers of the cerebellum & make an impact.

I mean for goodness sake – we’ve known FOR-EV-ER that cigarettes WILL shorten & decrease the quality of your life, WILL decrease your immune system & decrease your cardio capacity & recently, WILL smoke you out of house & home with how much they cost – & yet, buckets of people smoke every single day.

When the warning is to us about something we are doing to hurt ourselves, we seem to rarely pick our heads up out of the McD’s long enough to listen. Yet, something that is unique though – when it comes to heeding a warning about something you’re doing that is going to negatively impact a child, a majority of the population not only listens, but heeds the warning. For example, when we were educated about how harmful nicotine & alcohol are to unborn fetuses, women listened & quit their harmful habits, no matter how difficult. (There are some who did not & will not, but they are the tiny minority & we’re not talking about there). Why is it any different when we are taking care of ourselves? 

Yet another awesome article came out yesterday on Yahoo! news about the serious implications drinking pop will have on your health- even if it is diet, even if it’s “only” (there’s that ‘only’ again! see post: Let’s make a pact this holiday…) 1 a day. And today a great article reflecting more research showing that a high-fat, highly processed diet is linked to increased depressive states in those consuming that food. ( Some of us know this stuff already, but for the majority of humans, it seems to require constant review.) Links to articles are at the bottom…

I know that people have the right to choose how they want to live their life, but what does it take for someone to realize that just because McD’s invented another way to deliver fat, salt & sugar into your body it does not mean that it fits into your nutritional profile in any way, shape or form.

Take a moment, slow down, and realize that you actually should be making some cerebellum contact with the decision-making process of ‘is this the right thing for me?’ or ‘is this a less than optimal choice for me?’ The truth is that you are the driver of your body, and the goal is not to take away all of the fun of driving around a topless convertible. You are the driver, and the goal is to have as much fun as possible & enjoy as much of God’s great earth as we can – that means all the things that were here originally- blueberries, fish, bison if you’re into red meat – your taste buds were originally hardwired for that, and it is only us, the drivers, who have overridden that.

If you let the latest fad diet or workout rule your body, it’s like relying entirely on Garmin to get you around the world. You’ll probably never actually know how to get anywhere & when it’s time for you to make a decision (like when the Garmin says go right, and you just have this feeling you should be going left) you may be left standing at the literal fork in the road.