RK Tip of the Week|Getting it back when you think it’s gone

Posted on October 28, 2009



Get your shades out for when your passion is burning bright!

You ever have one of those feelings that you’re slumping? In your energy, in your ability, in your creativity, in your passion, in anything that usually makes you feel like, well, YOU! There’s just a sense that something is a teeny bit off kilter from its usual passion-filled center in you. It may rise up in you after what seems like the 4th thing in a row doesn’t go as you had planned it to or it may make a splash right in the center of your being for no particular reason at all.

I was having one of these moments as I sat down to finalize this week’s tip.

I thought, “seriously?” My workout had not been what I wanted it to be, even though it was probably what I needed, (cutting high-intensity training time in half in order to fit in the seriously needed stretching program I need to get back on), my heart rate monitor was on the fritz, & the time that I’d planned earlier in the day to finish the tip got jammed up with other tasks (and those who know me how ‘scheduled’ I enjoy being with my time.)

So here I was sitting here trying to finish my post to you this week – and really not feeling very creative or motivating at all. I was worried I’d have nothing exciting, motivating, cheery or compelling to say – then someone told me that there were probably others who experienced the same thing  so why not share with others what you do to get out the slump. See, any other day, I could have thought of that too, but I was slumping, so I didn’t. Thankfully, sometimes the universe brings to you exactly the right messenger with the right message at the right time.

Here’s what I did to bust out of the slump –

– Got my spinal alignment checked at the chiropractor’s office (your nervous system which controls your hormonal balance, your immune system, your mood/energy, every single tissue & cell in your body is controlled by the brain stem, which runs through your spine, and if you’re subluxated- “out of alignment”-, your function will be affected). Result: I was out of alignment, got a correction & felt lighter on my toes.

– Sat down at the desk, & turned on Pandora. Chose a shared station titled “motivational radio.” Music can be a great uplifter for any situation whether it be a work project that must get done, a workout that you need to tackle, or a mood that gets more negatively affected by things like listening to the news. Result: Pandora’s 1st song on the “motivational radio” was Rob Zombie. Really Pandora? Rob Zombie? Really? While the Rocker of Death may be motivating to some, it was not for me so on we clicked until something suitable turned up.

– Ate a snack while proofreading my work. Nourishing foods go a long way to helping the body function at its best (including the function of your stress & emotion levels) & are often overlooked as ways to improve ones’ outlook or energy. Result: My Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar was delicious & now I am running strong on my intake of some healthy fats, a little protein & no gluten to slow down my thought process!

– Took a step back & asked myself two things: “What’s the payoff?” & “Is it really that bad?” If there is a positive payoff for the actions you are currently taking, continue. But if not, you should back out quickly & choose a different path. If it’s really ‘that bad,’ then give it due consideration. If it’s not really ‘that bad,’ then suck it up because as your parents reminded you, there’s a kid in Ethiopia who’d love to be in your shoes right now. Literally. Result: There was no payoff to wallowing in the Poor Me River & it wasn’t really that bad, considering I’m wearing warm clothes, expensive workout pants, and ate a good lunch today.

So you see…as I regularly write about, your thoughts control your actions. You create your world. And there is no one more powerful on this earth than you when focusing your mood, energy, passion & actions. Leaving you this RK Tip with a few quotes in case you not quite motivated yet to bust your slump and be you, wonderful you!

“One may walk over the highest mountain one step at a time. “  – John Wanamaker

“Every thought you release becomes a permanent part of your character.”  – Unknown

“When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.”  – Tuli Kupferburg

“Stress gives you wrinkles, changing your attitude will save you thousands on plastic surgery.” -Kate Galliett