Oh mail order exercise equipment…how can you be so far off?

Posted on October 27, 2009


“People are not designed to run because the shock associated with running causes knee problems, shin splints and other discomforts and injuries.” —This is the tagline for a company that is STILL IN BUSINESS & selling the most hilarious exercise products I’ve ever seen. So I guess the two fleshy limbs attached to the bottom of your torso that helped you hunt down food & high tail it out of dangerous situations thousands of years ago, were just a fluke of evolution, huh?

really? really??

really? really??

This should serve as a strong reminder that anything can be called a “revolutionary” piece of workout equipment & anyone can make something and market it to you as the “next great thing in fitness.” Most of the stuff out there is ridiculously bad, but if you’re going to invest in workout gear, dvds, equipment for home, you’ve got to be absolutely certain of two things:

1) That it is actually legit & is actually going to do something for you. Remember that if it makes it easier to do said workout, you don’t want it. As I’ve written about & taught before, you don’t want your workout to be made easier – you want it to be less easy, less efficient, so that your body has to work harder and thus grow stronger, leaner, more fit.

2) That you’re actually going to be disciplined enough to use the equipment in your home or on your own. There’s a good reason at-home workout dvd’s & equipment gathers dust in most homes. Many people associate their home with comfort & relaxation & as we reviewed in #1, comfort & relaxation is very rarely a part of exercise. It really is not that difficult to change your mindset when you’re in your home & get over the barrier that keeps most people from getting off of the couch & using the equipment. You have to just look at your hours at home just as you should at work – compartmentalize the time so that you work on dinner for a set amount of time, then eating & clean-up for another block of time, then workout for a different block of time, then reading & relaxing for another block of time. If you sit down on the couch without a plan, I guarantee you that you will not get up & your exercise equipment will lay dormant. Oh, and if it really isn’t that big of a priority on your goals list, then you’re not going to use the equipment no matter how you plan your time. So make sure you care.

One final thought, if people “were not designed to run,” how were we designed to get around? Were Darwin & God wrong in our evolution tracks? Maybe the Exerloper people know something about humans creation & evolution that the rest of us don’t. Somehow, I doubt it. people want you to believe in & buy their $239.00 product!Exerloperimpact of running. Notice the 80’s footwear – even in the 80’s this would not have made sense with what we knew about exercise & the body’s ability to function – but the   that supposedly uses two pieces of plastic to brace thebootie! A strap-on ExerloperAnd since people are “not designed to run”, this company brings you…the

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