Want to build your fat-burning endurance|Part 2

Posted on October 26, 2009


There’s quite a few different workouts you should do to build your fat-burning capabilities. There’s a variety of things you should do to 1)get the best results possible 2)prevent plateaus in your results & 3)to ensure you do not over- or under- train any one part of your cardiovascular ability. This post features a workout for you to build your fat-burning endurance so that you can spend more time in your fat-burning zones without fatiguing to early.

**If you do not have a heart rate monitor and/or have not done metabolic testing to determine your fat-burning zones, you can use a version of ‘perceived-exertion’ until you get the proper tools. You can estimate if you’re burning fat by how your breathing is while trying to say a sentence. If you say, “the older I get the more I like to eat chocolate cake,” and take a breath mid-way, you are possibly on the high-end of your fat-burning ability. If you can’t say the sentence at all or can say it with ease, you’re going too hard or too easy. Remember though, talk-testing & perceived exertion is not very scientific at all, which means it’s not very precise & so your results from using such methods will be not very precise as well. Use it if you need to but know that heart rate monitors are key to long-term success in your fitness & health goals.

Here’s why a workout such as this is important – when you find out the heart rate you’re supposed to workout at, many people find it hard to stay at that heart rate for the duration. Namely, because of the fact that your body is not conditioned to maintain a certain workload and a certain heart rate to match it. Over time, the heart rate will start creeping up despite the workload (speed, intensity, incline) being the same. This happens because the body is fatiguing it’s “efficiency ability” and so the same amount of work takes a little more out of the cardiovascular system…IF you are untrained. But check it out, if you train accordingly i.e. use this workout as part of your program, this won’t happen to you nearly as significantly as it does to the rest of the population.

I used this workout to help me get faster while maintaining a lower heart rate. This means I can burn more calories, more fat, and in less time than before. It will help you do the same, as well as help you build your overall endurance to maintain your fat-burning abilities for a longer duration workout. You won’t get as out of breath, you won’t feel as worked as early on, and you’ll find you may actually enjoy spending 40+ mins on a treadmill!

Here’s your workout:

  • Set your treadmill at 1% incline or your bike at a low resistance. Never flat on a treadmill & never a zero resistance – you need to always have some kind of resistance.
  •  Warm up for 3 mins, walking. *This lets your body know it’s time to be a fat-burning machine.
  • Spend 2 mins working at your most efficient fat-burning zone. *If you’ve done metabolic testing, this would be your zone 2. You may still be walking to achieve this, but you may also go to a jog/run.
  • Recover for 1-2 min depending on your fitness level.
  • Work for 2:30 at your zone 2, most efficient level.
  • Recover for 1- 1:30 depending on your fitness level.
  • Work for 3 mins at zone 2.
  • Recover for 1:30.
  • Work for 3:30.
  • Recover for 1.
  • Work for 4.
  • Recover for 1-2.
  • Work for 4.
  • Recover for 1-1:30.
  • work for 3:30.
  • Recover for 1.
  • Work for 3.
  • Recover for 1.
  • Work for 2.
  • Cool down for 2-3 mins and finish with stretching. 40-45 mins of cardiovascular fat-burning, done!
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