Want to build your fat-burning endurance?|Part 1

Posted on October 25, 2009


doesn't everyone workout without a shirt on?

doesn't everyone workout without a shirt on?

If you’re going to take the time to workout, you may as well do right, you know? Otherwise, talk about wasting time! All that work, and nothing or very little to show for it. And who wants to do something & get nothing out of it? Not me!, and not you I hope! If you know a little about how to train properly, you’ll get a lot farther with this whole workout thing.

Did you know that your body burns more fat at some heart rates and little to no fat at other heart rates? You burn calories from three different storage units – fat cells, glycogen/glucose (sugars in your blood stream & liver), and muscle. Depending on the heart rate you’re exercising at, determines where you’ll burn calories from. Work out at a super high intensity all of the time?…and you’ll miss key fat-burning opportunities & will burn mainly sugars. Work out too low in intensity & you’ll also miss the chance to burn lots of fat calories per minute.

The most important tool you can possibly have to help you know if you’re “in the zone” to burn fat during your workouts is a heart rate monitor. I wouldn’t even wait to ask for one for Christmas – think of all the holiday meals you’ll be stuck carrying around in your fat cells if you aren’t optimally burning fat during your workouts. I’d go get one right now, they are reasonably priced for a basic one & quite nifty for what the higher-end ones can do. We’re talking about those high-end ones that do everything except tell you when to go to the bathroom, although that may not be far off.

Some people go off of “perceived exertion” to determine if they are working hard enough, but just like when people are tracked during a food journaling study – they overestimate how much they move, and they underestimate how much they eat. The chance is pretty great that you’ll over- or under- estimate just how hard you’re actually working. So do yourself a favor & get a heart rate monitor.

With a monitor you’ll be able to see what heart rate you’re currently at, and from there the features on the watches are endless. You can choose to see how many calories total you’re burning, how far you’re going, how long you’ve been in one zone or another, you can have alarms that go off when you’ve gone too fast or too slow, and you can choose watches that store data in them for review or that let you download the data to your computer. Then, once you’ve got your watch, no matter what you’re doing – walking, jogging, cycling, kickboxing, playing a sport, swimming, doing housework – doing anything at all, you’ll be able to see that you’re burning fat stores & working as efficiently as possible.

Because you don’t like to waste your time & you want to actually see a result from your workout. Working out with a heart rate monitor will help you to see if it’s times to push a little harder or if you need to recover & back off a bit. Your body will learn to become efficient at burning fat at many different heart rates & your overall calorie count and fat calorie count will go up, and you’ll see results quicker. And you’ll be on your way to being a fat-burning machine.

Part 2 of this post will include a workout to improve your fat-burning abilities.

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