Are you doing what makes you feel most alive?

Posted on October 23, 2009


I love when passions & dreams that previously lived only in someones’ head get to the “big stage” and start getting measurable recognition. Although, most of those who have that deep burning passion for that which makes them feel most alive, don’t really care if their dream ever makes it to the “big stage.” Parkour (or free-running) is just such a thing.

I love  people who’s ideas and passions are so far on the forefront, they are about to walk over the edge of the Earth – there isn’t anything like their dream in front of them.

People who have this kind of deep-rooted passion & who truly go after these dreams, feel they are most alive when they are in the moment with those dreams. They know that they are writing the handbook for others to follow, they are creating something out of nothing. The energy that comes with that is a force that is unstoppable because when a person is truly doing what they are given the gifts to accomplish, they are connected to a Source of energy that is more powerful than even them. They will find energy bubbling up and ideas coming at an almost alarming rate at times, and they will know they need to just go forth & do what it is they are meant to do.

I know how good I can be when I’m connected to my Source energy, and I love being around people who are connected to their Source energy – there is a spark that is undeniable & amazing in the presence of such people!
Free-running, or parkour, is just such a thing, and I bring you this video this morning of free-running in action to show you just what can be created when someone believes in something they feel so connected to. You’ve seen free-running in just about any action movie – it’s the act of getting from one point to another in the shortest, most efficient way possible. This was a sport invented by some people who recognized their talents, took action steps to use & grow their talent, and are doing their passions with full-force (if you don’t go all-out in free-running, you’ll end up with some insane injuries, so it’s all or nothing with them).

Check out the clip to see what I mean. What are you doing today that is making you feel alive? Are you out there giving your “all or nothing” best today?

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