Sunday morning running revelation

Posted on October 18, 2009


I was so pumped to wake up to run this morning. Knowing how many layers I needed on top, what hat I needed to wear to keep the heat in, knowing that the sun would rise just after 7 so if I got out by 7:15, I’d be able to run into the breaking dawn….ah! so excited! 

I am a morning person by nature – your creativity, your energy, your clear-headedness – for me anyways, is at an all-time high in the morning. So morning runs, for me, are where it’s at. When you get out & sweat early in the morning, when steam still is rising from the manhole covers, frost still covers the grass that is standing tall & stiff, at attention for the morning that is upon them, and it seems like barely a soul is breathing – something happens to your thoughts. You get things straightened out, you sort through them, you have revolutionary ideas, you right your house so-to-speak. You don’t have to be out doing 10 mile runs or covering distance with great speed, you can just get out & do something that makes you sweat that you may not love at first, but learn to respect & appreciate as you go.

Here’s what I got to thinking about on this particular run:

Do you realize how much of an impact you have on this world? There is not one person who is not making little stamps on others as they pass through this place. When I was a kid, getting to use stamps was the best thing ever. Stamping the stamp press into the ink pad & then jamming it madly into paper, skin, the table – anything that would receive the ink – regardless if it was meant to be stamped with an ink image of a smiley face. Every single one of us, from infant to elder, are out there stamping.  Are you leaving smiley face stamps or are you leaving half-stamped images made with blurry, messy lines? If we were to think about that in our daily life, there’s a good chance we’d have more and more people rising to the challenge of being their best self vs. just ‘getting by’- whatever that is.

What you do, think, say, act on, everyday stamps those around you with the images of either doing or not-doing, valuing or de-valuing, caring or uncaring, passion or indifference. I don’t know that everyone stops to realize that; I know that I realize it with myself, but working with clients on bettering themselves & their health, it is evident that many people have lost sight of just what a stamp of impact they make on the world around them. It doesn’t matter your age, gender, wealth, or job – you are here to stamp something on this world. Some kids start to realize at a very young age that something was going on here- that they just had this feeling that they were meant to be doing something great. And some people seem to not realize it until they’ve frittered away time, stamping something that is not who they truly are meant to be.

Greatness doesn’t have to mean designing the first space station on Mars, or figuring out how to balance the US budget, or winning a Nobel Peace prize- although all those things certainly would be great! What I came away from my run with this morning was that one of my ‘stamps’ on this world is to help others realize what their stamp is & then foster the stamping process with them to the world. So the next time your thoughts go me-centered for longer than a few minutes, and you think that ‘it’, whatever ‘it’ is, doesn’t really matter- remember that you’re a stamp & you get to decide what your stamp is going to be & it is of the utmost importance that you stamp your little heart out while you’re still here.