The best offense is a good defense

Posted on October 14, 2009


Said time and again by coaches, “the best offense is a good defense” depicts the way in which the coach is focusing his

it doesn't matter what you look like, just get out there & do it

it doesn't matter what you look like, just get out there & do it

 or her team to be strong defenders so that the opposing team cannot run the score up on them. The logic is that you can be great scorers, but if the other team is better at scoring on you, then you don’t have a strong likelihood of success. So, if you build your defense to be strong enough to hold off scoring from opponents, then you need just a few key opportunities on your offense to win every game you go into to.

You should apply this same motto to your health & fitness this season (and really every season!)

Your best offense against colds, flus, viruses, low energy spells, depression, aches, joint pain, low back pain, heart issues, diabetes & even some cancers- is to have a strong defense of physical fitness & wellness.

More and more research is showing just how dangerous many pharmaceutical drugs can be, with even simple OTC’s like acetaminophen & NSAID’s safe dosage levels coming under question recently. You cannot turn on the news today without hearing stories from both sides of the debate about the safety, or lack thereof, of the ‘flu’ shot & the H1N1 vaccine. This stems from the 35+ year debate about the safety, or lack thereof, of vaccinations given to children.

Since most people do think the vaccines & flu shots are safe because there has been plenty of media about it, I’m linking you here to one of many doctors who believe that these shots are not safe, so that you have both perspectives. Dr. Mercola is a widely respected osteopathic physician – which means he has received the same training as a medical doctor, is licensed to prescribe medication & perform surgery, but goes a step farther to provide “whole-person” care, focusing on healing the root of the problem, not just the symptoms as many MDs do today.

Regardless of your feelings on the efficacy of pharmaceuticals, OTC’s, or vaccines – exercise, eating well, and having a sound emotional/relational life is the single most solid defense you can build to ward off the sickness, dysfunction & emotional empty-ness that is rampant in the world today. 

Want to give your body signals that it should grow & build new cells for you to use?

  • Exercise regularly, 5-6x/week to make that happen. You’ll send chemical signals to your body to tear down old cells & give you new ones to run with. Not exercising will only send signals to the body to continue breaking down cells without any signal to replace them, thus you accelerate external & internal aging of the body & its parts.
  • Do strength training several times per week to grow new muscle fibers & strengthen the density of your bones. Give at least 1 day rest between strength training sessions & get off the machines already! They are like using Cliff’s Notes to read War & Peace & then saying you have a full understanding of the book. While beneficial for some things, there is far more benefit to using functional training that requires your body to do all of the work for you e.g. dumbbells, cables, bands, body weight, balance, core, & plyometric exercise, to name just a few.

Want natural immunity from sickness & disease?

  • Eat fresh vegetables & fruits(organic as best choice), lean meats(organic & pastured as the top choice), seafood that is wild caught(not farmed), nuts & legumes, dairy that is minimally processed(with no hormones, steroids & preferably pastured), and very limited grains(type depending on your irritability to each grain).
  • These are nature’s best immunity boosters & disease fighters. They have unbelievable amounts of natural (not synthetic like the Fiber bars everyone eats today) vitamins & minerals that keep your body running all of its processes optimally.
  • Natural fiber in them ensures optimal gut function – which is also a major immunity site for the body & is known as the 2nd brain for the number of neurons it has along its walls.
  • Zero preservatives, chemicals, high fructose corn syrup, or trans fat means your body is not fighting through that garbage just to do its normal functions.
  • Exercise also boosts the immune system when done for 30 mins or more 5x/week.

Want to live an emotionally stable, happy, energetic life?

  • Use exercise as a reason to join a group or make new friends or build better relationships with family & friends. Join a running or biking club. Sign up for a bootcamp class & meet new people. Partner with a friend, family member, or neighbor & get in that early morning workout. Find friends that enjoy the same athletic pursuits as you do or learn about the ones they enjoy & employ it into your life too. Connecting with someone over something healthy is one of the best ways to lift your emotional spirit & reinforce positive behaviors.
  • Eating healthy also helps to keep hormones in balance because when there is too much fat & sugar in the diet, the hormones are negatively affected by the body’s need to process these out.
  • Exercising releases endorphins that make you feel good, feel a sense of accomplishment & also reinforce positive behaviors.
  • Choosing to eat well, exercise regularly & surround yourself with others who do the same also builds stable emotional patterns & habits when compared to the person who lives alone & has little contact with others.

As I state often, you are the sole owner of your health & well-being. Acknowledge that & know that each time you choose to exercise, eat well, and be around others who do that too, you’re stepping ever farther into the realm of good health. And if that means you don’t have to live on 12 different Rx pills, or visit a dr. or hospital with any regularity, and aren’t dependant on meds, caffeine, alcohol, food, or recreational drugs to feel good – then THAT is a life worth living.

‘To live’ is different than ‘to survive.’ I don’t want to survive to 90, I want to live to 90 & beyond!