So did you get in your ‘marathon mindset’ yet?

Posted on October 12, 2009


*See my post about marathon weekend in Chicago for an understanding on the ‘marathon mindset’ as it applies to your fitness goals.

I was truly blessed to be in the presence of greatness this weekend. She’ll probably laugh if she read that line, because Kathrine Switzer is that kind of woman – oozing energy & confidence in equal amounts from every pore, absolutely aware of how she revolutionized running for women, and confident that what she has to say, you want to hear. And she’s right.

I was lucky enough to enjoy a glass of wine on the eve of the marathon with Kathrine, the first women to ever officially -with bib numbers- run the Boston Marathon. The Boston Marathon – really any marathon at that time – was a ‘no-go’ for women. For so many reasons, women were not given the chance to get into running, and upon starting the Boston race on that fateful morning, Kathrine saw just how hateful some men were that a woman was running in their race.

k.switzer, boston; men grabbing at her to remove her from her  race

k.switzer, boston; men grabbing at her to remove her from her race

Kathrine was living then for her goal as I am telling you now to live for yours. You should be going after your life & goals to live the most optimal life possible with vigor, relentless committment & even with an excitement about what you’re doing. I know, the idea of being excited about your workouts or healthy food?…not something that’s ever been on your ‘excite-o-meter’ before, huh? Well that’s a real shame for you & one you should seriously change now.

Going back to my post on getting in the marathon mindset: do you think anyone runs 26.2 miles with a half-hearted mind or spirit for it? Absolutely not. In fact, people joke that a person must be crazy to decide to train for, and run, a marathon. Marathoners are not crazy – they’re committed. And if you cannot be committed to your goal (weighing less, having more energy, removing type-II diabetes from your life, etc.) like a marathoner is to theirs, you can forgot about that goal coming to you with any sort of ease.

If you want to do great things with your life, you need to take steps to make it happen. Kathrine put on her shoes & went running for miles & miles, day after day. You have to fiercely grab on to whatever piece of your day is going to be your workout time & not let go for dear life. Keep reading to find action steps to make it happen.

  • Determine what workouts are going to be your focus – classes at your gym? bootcamp in the park? sports training classes at the rec center? yoga at the Y?
  • Sign up for said classes or block time for necessary classes/workouts
  • Guard time like a bulldog on a leftover meat bone
  • Determine how you’re going to eat healthy – buy fresh food several times a week? hire a chef? do one big shopping trip & learn how to re-invent leftovers & scraps from veggies & meat?
  • Go buy the food for god sakes!
  • Don’t waste it by letting it rot when you’re “too tired” to cook.
  • Repeat process for several weeks until it becomes habit.
  • If energy wanes for your goal, re-read the posts on this site.

It needs to be a non-negotiable for you as a human being, to not let your life suck. You were put on this earth to do great things, and as I’ve said before, it is impossible for you to do great things if you are living less than optimally in your health, fitness, or wellness. Make today the day that you get into your marathon mindset about your goals. Make today the day you know you can commit to a long-term, big-picture goal.

What is the ‘big picture?’ Day to day focus is on making healthy choices. Big picture is you live long enough to play with your grandkids or great grandkids. Day to day focus is moving enough to sweat & feel your muscles burning. Big picture is you have a capable body till 80 and beyond. Take your big picture, break it into day-to-day focus & make it happen! Put the proverbial foot in front of the other and get going on your big-picture, marathon-mentality goals!!