Inspiration|What’s the payoff?

Posted on October 5, 2009


This is the continuation from “Inspiration|Excuse me but…” From that post we carry forward the truth that your mind is an often overlooked but extremely powerful thing – one that you should give credit to & utilize to the fullest of its’

Reaching for Inspiration; by H.Koppdelaney

Reaching for Inspiration; by H.Koppdelaney


So, have you opened your front door yet?We left off discussing how the joining of forces with your mind will allow you to open your personal front door to opportunities & results that you previously saw as impossible. If you only see “hard” you’ll never see “easy” – and what a challenging way to go through life. Wayne Dyer’s lecture last weekend reminded me of just how critical it is to be aware of your energy, your motivations, & your thoughts – as all play critical roles in the quality & success of your life.

We agreed that the majority of us don’t have such discord in our imagination to get seriously worked up over something so tiny, similar to a person who lives with OCD tendencies. But we are self-limiting ourselves when get ourselves negatively worked up over the body that we stare at in the mirror or our seemingly slacker motivation when it comes time to start our workout. Before stating that “that’s just how I am” you need to take a solid look at who is creating those thoughts & beliefs….I’d hedge a bet that it’s YOU who is making those up, so good news!…it’s YOU who is going to change them. And thus, you’ll walk through your own front door into a positive, healthy, fit, optimal life day in & day out.

How do you do that?

You utilize 3 key functions that are totally in your control & power – your thoughts, your energy, & your motivation.And shocker of shockers!…if you get your thoughts into gear, your energy & motivation will follow! So how do you stop the stream of conscious & unconscious thought that is derailing your goals? Simple.

As Wayne Dyer teaches, you have to have total belief in one thing – your imagination. To get there? You must first ask yourself one question: can you picture yourself making healthy choices?/no longer smoking cigarettes?/exercising regularly & with vigor?/whatever your current challenge is. If the answer is ‘no’ than you’ve just closed your front door & you’re never going to be successful. If you don’t see yourself down the road living/acting/being who you want to be, then you have cancelled out on your imagination & its ability to show you the life/body/health/fitness that you want. Without your imagination, you have also closed the door on your tool shed of key tools that will help you to accomplish that goal of yours.

Your thoughts & thus, your imagination, are the critical element to your overall success with a program/goal/endeavor. If you cannot visualize yourself accomplishing something, your brain will not create the pathways, thought processes, or tools to accomplish that goal because you have not put it before you as “do-able” in your mind.

There’s a verse or phrase – I’m not sure which – from my Christian teachings that states that “you will not be given a desire for that which you have not the tools to create.” I think that’s on the money. If you want something, and you visualize it, believe it, see it happening, think about how good it feels when you’ll finally have or be that goal of yours, your brain will start to create opportunities for the result you want to occur. 

So first you have to be able to say that “yes!” you can see yourself living in that new body/achieving that fitness goal. Next, you have to reinforce that thought & create a belief system around that – which may mean you’re going to have to re-think that positive though about your end result over and over again until it cements itself within you. It’s been said that it takes anywhere from 14-21 days to create a new habit, so it may take you several instances of having to stop & think about where you can see yourself ending up with your more optimally fit self before it is rooted as a non-negotiable part of you. After that, you need to reinforce that positive belief about you by asking yourself a simple question anytime you put yourself into a situation where you have to make a choice that will either take you closer to or further from your goal.

For example – it’s 530pm, you’re on your couch after work & start thinking about how you’re so tired & don’t really want to go workout. You need to stop that thought process & ask yourself, “what’s the payoff here?” If the payoff is something that has a valuable benefit for you & is something that will help you to move closer to your image of your optimal self in your head, then make that choice. But if sitting on the couch or choosing ice cream for dessert (again!) is going to move you further from your optimal you goal, then you use that time to re-align your thinking with that first image of yourself that was showed you living thin, fit & healthy.

Your mind is a powerful thing – if you spend any amount of time wallowing in “I’m so tired,” “I deserve it,” “I’m so fat/I hate my body,” your mind will create an environment to match that. That is what it knows how to do so don’t be surprised when it happens! To walk through your front door day after day requires awareness of your thoughts which when focused positively will affect your motivation & your energy. You’re probably going to have to imagine yourself as the more optimal you several/dozens/maybe hundreds of times – but if it’s truly a goal of yours, is it not worth thinking about hundreds of times?? 

Do you think Olympic athletes only think about winning a gold medal a few times? Heck no! They are imagining how it will feel to win, to wear the medal, to beat their rival, and so on. You should use the same mental imagery when considering the optimal you. Then after you believe that you can be that optimal you, you need to reinforce your decisions by asking what the payoff is & moving forward accordingly to what the true payoff will be in making that decision.

It really is like learning to walk – put one thought in front of the other & you’ll build up a steady momentum that will carry you all the way to the optimal you, and somewhere along the way, you’ll have gotten out of your own way.