Inspiration|Excuse me, but you’re in your own way

Posted on October 3, 2009


I got to attend a lecture by one of my inspiration masters last night. I’ve written before about my passion for Wayne Dyer’s teachings. They found me at just the right time in my life & have carried my spirit to the place that it lives today. His message of taking personal responsibility for your life & the passion which that should ignite in you – it speaks to everything I believe & teach my clients.

Reaching for Inspiration; by H.Koppdelaney

Reaching for Inspiration; by H.Koppdelaney

If you’re looking for a real pro on not just motivation, but inspiration – there is a significant difference in those two words – I would urge you to pull a few of Wayne Dyer’s books, or get a few audio books to put on while in the car or working out. When I had to do those long steady-state cardio days where you’re just plugging away at the same heart rate range for 45 mins, listening to him teach methods to change the way you view your world & change the results that come into your life, it’s a more self-improving way to spend that time than watching Oprah for your cardio session. No offense Oprah, but unless you’re giving away cars, and one of those cars is going to me, I’m not really getting much from you.

Back to the ‘personal responsibility & why that’s awesome’ thing: The mind is so much more powerful & complex than any of us, even if we’re quantum physicists, realize. One manifestation of the power of the mind is in individuals who have paralyzing fear about something that for others is very normal. OCD is a perfect manifestation to study for this. People with OCD create a world that is challenging for them. If they are fearful of dirt & compulsively clean themselves & their spaces – is the dirt going to kill them? Think of those shows on A&E that follow around people with these kinds of issues…for the reaction they have to something like dirt…is the dirt really going to rise up & hurt them in some way? Is the dirt really something that should warrant a reaction like those people have? Something that their mind has created makes their body shake & sweat, their heart race, and for many literally paralyze them in one place for hours.

Think about that! Something that is totally normal, that will do no real harm has gone through the mind & created a reaction that is creating actual physical manifestations in the body. Most of us can’t understand that magnitude of fear or compulsion, but every day many people choose to operate exactly the same way but on a smaller scale.

You may think, “I’m not like that, I don’t pull my hair out from my eyebrows when I have a dirty house.” True, your compulsions and ‘mind viruses,’ as Wayne calls them, are not severe in that sense. But when you say “nothing I try when I try to lose weight works,” or “this is just the way I am and have always been,” you are validating those phrases in your mind – why would your mind give you a real world reaction that is any different from those statements?

Your mind is not it’s own entity – you are one working unit with your brain, which means you are the sole owner & operator & it comes down to YOUR programming & instruction to make the whole thing go.So, since we agree that you and your mind are one with eachother, it would then also hold true that the statements you make about yourself – whether spoken out-loud to others or in the privacy of your own self- are the directions you’re giving your brain for how to create & handle situations.

If you ONLY give yourself directions about the state you are in right now (if you are unhappy about that state & want your state to be a different one), how does your mind give you a world that reflects anything different? It’s just not possible. Remember, those OCD patients create that self-harming world from their mind. You do not have the same reaction to dirt as they have because you have programmed your conscious & subconscious minds differently.

So take a serious look at the statements you make about yourself & believe to be true about yourself. If you are making negative statements about your body, your ability, the results you’ve “never” gotten before so why get them now, your age, your income level, your time committment ability – anything – pick an excuse, because that is what they are. Any of these statements/excuses will become a self-fulfilling prophecy if it has not already.

You have the choice to change that today & acknowledge that you are the sole owner & operator of your mind & that is the most powerful thing you need to engage in a life that is OPTIMAL. Once you have your mind in your corner, energy will find you to go workout, funds to buy the personal training sessions you want will come to you, space will create itself in your day to exercise & eat healthy – essentially, you will open your own front door, now all you have to do is walk through.*

*How you walk through the door on a regular basis will be the next post in this series. Look for it to be posted by Monday!