Setting yourself up to fail? Are you sure you’re not?

Posted on September 29, 2009


thanks aeropause for image

thanks aeropause for image

Sounds like a tough way to go through life in my opinion…but so many people do this every day, multiple times per day. They set themselves up to fail, sometimes consciously, mostly unconsciously. Do you want to live optimally fit? Do you want to live optimally well?

Then why in heck are you running the longest stream of negative self-talk I’ve ever heard? I thought you’d have run out of breath long ago, but nope, some of you just keep on negative-self-talking!

Some people realize when they are doing it – you know, when you stare in the mirror & grab at the parts of your body & make faces at those parts – and the people who don’t realize when they’re doing it?…they’re worse off than those who knew they were doing it!

Things I’ve seen that should be considered the ball & chain that will keep any person from ever achieving success in fitness or health:  joking about working faster to be able to be done sooner, rolling the eyes or sighing heavily as they “suffer” through that round of exercise, saying “that’s going to be so hard” before starting an exercise, saying “I can’t” ever…these are just some of the things that I hear that make me shake my head because all I hear from those gestures & words is – “I plan to make this as hard as it can possibly be,” which leads me to believe the person doing it is either consciously or subconsciously giving themself an “out” so if they do quit or give up, they have an excuse.

Many of the people who practice negative self-talk are highly successful in other areas of their life – their work or their parenting is a shining example of what can happen when they put their mind to something – so why does the area of their personal care & fitness not shine in the same way? There is no one short answer that fits every person, and each person should assess & acknowledge these habits that they practice. Once that’s done, every single person should take into account just how powerful they are in this world & start sending out those powerful, positive vibes to lift them & their efforts up.

Yes, exercise is going to be challenging, eating well is going to take forced effort – but all good things do. You didn’t get to the head of the class or the top of the company by sitting on your ass did you? I doubt it. So why are you looking at living healthy, fit & well through different glasses? You had those rose-colored glasses on when you were starting your own business or leaping into that big promotion, you didn’t see the hard stuff did you? You saw challenges as opportunities, you had good energy that what you needed would come to you, & you made it happen!

So put those rose colored glasses on when you take a look at yourself, your fitness & your wellness & make it happen already! Leave the failing to reality show contestants who fail to win the bachelors’ heart or create the winning design. The next time you’re working out, catch yourself before you head down the self-failure road, put on the glasses & adjust yourself accordingly.