PMA: Oprah’s 24th Season Kickoff Party

Posted on September 27, 2009


People can complain about anything – & they did when Oprah closed off part of Michigan Ave. to throw a block party to start this season of her show. She did pay for the whole thing herself & spent a few hours that day creating a fun, memorable experience for the tens of thousands that were in attendance & the rest of the world that was watching from their high-rise offices down the street or from their televisions at home. Here is the part of the event that made me smile the most: it’s a clip from the Black Eyed Peas performance that included a pre-planned ‘flash-mob’ that Oprah did not know about. Why this makes me smile:

1. The look on Oprah’s face is priceless when the whole thing goes off

2. You can feel the energy from the crowd as they dance their asses off all in harmony with eachother

3. Watching humans all do something for no other reason than it will be fun is totally awesome

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