Shaking it up has made it more fizzy…& I like fizz!

Posted on September 24, 2009


I went for a run today. I planned the day so I could work until shortly after lunch, break for a run, then do a little more work before teaching wedding boot camp tonight (which is its own little world of excitement…15 brides pushup-ing their little hearts out).86543035

Maybe it was my mood today, maybe it was because I’d eaten properly to have lasting energy, or maybe it’s because I shook my workouts up like a little boy shakes up his pop just to see what will happen even though he already knows the outcome. I knew what was going to happen in shaking it up, but I was still pleasantly surprised to have run 4miles WAY faster & with a steadier/lower heart rate than I ever used to do – even in my marathon days.

I knew that the outcome of shaking up workouts ALWAYS nets a result of more pep in your step & longer lasting energy but just to prove that it will happen, it is something I do regularly in my program – and you should too. Shaking it up means changing the way you strength train, the body parts you pair together, the type/time/intensity of the cardio you do. For example: I used to do 3 days a week of longer distance running & 1 day of intervals with 3 days of functional strength training. Recently, I decided my “shake-up” was going to include 1 day of explosive cardio (sprints, sprints & sprints), 1 day of interval cardio & however many other days I did of cardio, I would make those active recovery/steady state days that were not too stressful on the body. I swapped 1 day of functional strength training w/ 1 day of plyometric strength training & kept the other two as circuits but swapped to strength training from endurance training.

If all that makes you go, “huh?”, that is why fitness pros are so valuable in creating programs that work. We know how to design, program, change & align workouts to each individual goal.

No matter what, shaking up your workouts will guaranteed give you more “fizz” in your workout – you’ll have better strength, longer endurance, better cardiac output, and many other positive results -all of which shows itself in the way the body looks, the way it acts & the way you feel before, during & after the workout. Bring on the fizz!!

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