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Posted on September 24, 2009


Hello readers! Part of being an educator is making sure your people “get it” when you’re sharing the lessons. If I turn around and lead facing forward, and you’re not behind me going “yep, high fructose corn syrup bad for me…functional training good for me” then we have a problem. Fitness & nutrition can be so complicated but also so fundamentally easy too.

I gave a seminar last night on “How to have it all when it comes to Health, Fitness & Wellness…& not go nuts!” & the audience & I had a humorous adventure into how in the hell you make this whole optimal fitness thing work with all that other stuff you have to do, you know, the idiot boss needing a project done yesterday, your kids being 15 yrs old & still not doing their own laundry or cooking their own food, your spouse “forgetting” to do the errands so now it’s been piled back on your to-do list, and so on…

While what I do as a fitness pro – designing workouts, progressing people around injuries & to their optimal performance, coaching people to ‘mental make-overs’ so they stop putting hurdles up in their quest for optimal anything- is detailed & requires the education I’ve gotten, there are some fundamental parts that are simple. And what I was teaching last night was that at the end of the day, you need to not get lost in the minutia of the program, leave that to your trainer- you need to focus on making fitness & nutrition as stress-free as possible because the more you stress about it, the harder it gets to overcome the hurdle in front of you.

It’s like when you’re on vacation & you want to jump off one of those huge cliffs into the water & it looks so easy & you hustle up there to do it then you get there, look over the edge & start getting that clammy feeling & something inside you starts holding you back & tensing up your muscles. If you’d kept the fun and easy-ness of it in mind, you’d probably have just jumped off & enjoyed the ride down. Fitness is much of the same. So I aim to help you keep it fun, easy, & for when you’re ready to take in a little more complicated stuff, to make that easy & fun too!

What YOU can do is to leave comments, ask questions and get involved in the conversation about any of the posts I put up or any questions you personally have that you’d like me to talk about here! This way, we’ll be sure you’re “getting  it” & not just nodding your head like you get it but inside you’re like “what in the hell is going on here??” like I did in my organic chem class my soph year of college. By the way, the nodding the head thing only fakes you out – it’s pretty evident to everyone around you that you have no clue what you’re doing, so you may as well just own up to what you don’t know and then ask the right questions to get educated. Your health & fitness is SO worth it!

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