Hello, it’s your body. Your workouts are boring me, let’s do these this weekend!

Posted on September 23, 2009


Your body cannot lose weight or body fat if it is not doing regular physical activity. The standard today is that

train for the fun stuff in life!

train for the fun stuff in life!

someone trying to lose weight should be getting 1 hour of exercise per day, 6 days a week. However, that guideline does not include the fact that you need to do different kinds of cardio to get your body to burn more calories per minute, burn more fat per minute and improve cardiovascular strength …because you aren’t doing any of this if your heart is so inefficient it could be turned in for the C.A.R.S. program!

In addition to doing steady-state cardio try this short cardio trainer to improve your overall cardio function, push up the total amount of calories you burn, & give yourself a higher post-workout “after burn” of calories.Cardio Climber: Pick a location where you can go back and forth between an object out in the distance (a far off tree, light pole, a neighbors yard)

  • Warm-up for 5 mins.If you’re a walker, then your pace is walking & fast-walking. If you’re a runner, then you’re jogging & running, or some combo of these paces.
  • Covering the distance to the far-off object, do your slow pace going out the distance.
  • On the return trip back to start, go at your fast pace. Time yourself on the return trip & try to get faster each time you return.
  • On the out trip, always do your slower pace- walking or jogging. This is your “recovery” time…although by the end, you won’t feel recovered!
  • Your first return might be a good run pace, on the 2nd one, try to find that next gear and get your legs to turn over faster than before. If you’re fast-walking on the return the first time, try slow jogging by your last return trip.
  • Do 5 out & backs without resting. If you’re new to cardio bursts, just do it 1 time then get on with the rest of your workout.
  • If you’re not new to higher intensity cardio & feel up to it, do another round of 5 out & back’s. You should feel like jello when you’re done.
  • *Bonus points to you if you do this on a hill!

The only way to change the way your body into a stronger, leaner, less chubby functioning machine is to do strength training. I can’t agree more with everyone who thinks sitting on machines at the gym is just “so boring.” I’d be bored too if I was sitting down for my workout- many people sit all day at work, you don’t need to be sitting for your workout too. Consider this – with the exception of when you’re sleeping, commuting & sitting at work, the rest of your life is lived standing up and moving, so make your workouts move you in 360 degrees too!

Throw this strength training shake-up into your core work & functional strength training to give your body the needed “wake-up shake-up” signal it is looking for to create new micro-tears in the muscles & send the signal to your body to grow & improve. The constant up/down of this one gets the heart going while forcing the muscles to constantly contract & move you from the ground to standing.

Strength Stepdown: Warm-up for 5 mins You’re going to do 2 exercises: jumping jacks & pushups.

  • Do 10 jumping jacks followed immediately by 10 pushups.
  • Do 9 jacks & 9 pushups.
  • Follow this with 8 of both, 7 of both, all the way down to 1 of each.
  • No rest until you get done with 1 of each, make the transitions between the exercises quick.
  • Rest for 30sec- 2min depending on your fitness level.
  • This round you’ll be doing fast feet with wide legs & atomic situps.
  • Fast feet – set feet wide, in this straddle position, start running in place picking up one foot then the other. R & L is 1, R & L is 2, and so on.
  • Atomic situp – sit on sitz bone(bony part of butt), bend legs at knee & lift feet off ground, body should make a V. Keep spine totally straight! Lean back to make a wide V then close V by using abs to pull chest to knees. Lean back again & tuck up again.
  • Start at 1, and do 1 of each.
  • Do 2 of each, then 3, then 4 all the way back up to 10. No rest until you finish 10 of each.

Your body deserves to enjoy its’ workouts so get outside of your normal comfort zone and ask your body to take you to the next level! I hope you’ll shake yourself up this weekend and try one or both of these workouts!

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