Thanks Dad for this DNA…how you can make the best of what you got in the gene pool

Posted on September 22, 2009


There is great news for anyone wanting to get better at something tomorrow than they are today & it comes from the field of cellular biology! Don’t worry, you don’t have to pull out your high school science books for this one, it’s actually fairly easy to understand & it can be applied to anything you want to be better at tomorrow than you are today: a fitness goal or skill, a work goal or skill, a life goal, a higher education level, anything!
Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., is a cellular biologist made famous by a book he published called The Biology of Belief. Previous to becoming a published author, Dr. Lipton taught medical students at the University of Wisconsin, did research at Stanford University School of Medicine & brought amazing scientific conclusions to the foreground. He took quantum physics theories and applied them to cellular structure and genes. The old belief in cellular activity was that we had this DNA that was programmed in us and there was really no changing it. You just grew into this pre-constructed version of you via your genetic programming. If mom was overweight with heart disease & all her brothers were too, then stick your foot in the ground now, you’re going out the same way.
Now we can say unequivocally – not true!!
What Dr. Lipton found out was that our genes are not the end-all that we might think…how often do you hear someone say “It runs in my family”? Dr. Lipton’s research is proving that “it” actually may not “run in your family.”
There is an energy field in the environment that surrounds the cells & it is that which helps them do their job & has now shown to have control in the resultant actions of the DNA.
He showed that while pre-programmed DNA is there in the cell to be used to guide the cell along, there is this energy field, not readily visible under a microscope, that plays a large role in what the cell actually does. Dr. Wayne Dyer, in speaking about quantum physics, sums it up this way: The cells have blueprints in them, these are the genes. But the architect that builds these blueprints is the energy in the environment surrounding the cells. The energy surrounding these cells is something you can have control of, via your mind, which means that just because “it always was” before does not mean “it will always be” for you!
Furthermore, Dr. Lipton’s research found that your perceptions and beliefs have the ability to eclipse your genetic make-up that you think you have inherited. Think about that – it means that the way you think about yourself and life dictates how your body will respond all the way down to the cellular level. Now it is a little more complex than just thinking positively to ensure you get a positive end-result of whatever you’re going for, we’ll dive into the ‘why’ about this more in the next post…but what is easy to understand from Dr. Lipton’s research is that this tells us that we are not victims!
You can probably remember a time in your life that you thought to yourself, well, ‘this is just how I am’ or ‘this is just the way it is because this is how it is for people in my family.’ This is an untrue statement, unless you let yourself allow it to be true for you. That is, it’s up to YOU to decide how physically fit, how successful, how educated you want yourself to become- and you’re NOT limited by what everyone else in your family has done or not done or what genes you think you have or don’t have.
Yes, we inherit genes from our parents, grandparents, and beyond, but the research presented by Dr. Lipton & many quantum physicists is that the genes are not the control switch, YOU are. There are no victims of circumstance when it comes to your physical fitness/level of success/highest desired level of education/etc., and how it plays out through your life. This research shows that you are not on the receiving end of what happens in your life, you are on the creating end. YOU are the creator of your own circumstances, whatever they may be!
Let’s review this in regard to physical fitness & well-being. If you can grasp that the situation you are in with regard to your physical well-being is entirely of your creation, you will find that the tide can shift and it will become much easier to realize that you can change the patterns you live with now. You can then deploy new patterns that will lead you toward a life of successful weight management, energetic muscular ability, endurance & stamina to your hearts’ desire, conscious eating habits, and so many more things that people want for themselves but sometimes fail to achieve. The first step is realizing that where you are today is where you chose to be, and from there, you have the ability to choose to stay there or get the heck out of there.
One final example of how this works: Let’s say you made the choice to say, “I’m really going to start caring about getting that regular exercise in,” and you do, for a while. But after a bit you start taking a day here or there to put something else at the top of the priority list. One day becomes two and so on….You chose that, it was not chosen for you in your DNA. That is, you are not seeing your “lazy” gene in play. You now have two ways to think about what happened & how you’re going to go forward. You can think that what happened was something that ‘happened to you’ and that ‘always’ happens to you,  it’s just part of your genes, and get frustrated enough to quit on your personal goal. Or, you can decide to right the ship and realize that you had made a choice to put yourself down the list, but the good news is, that you’ve realized now what a dumb choice that was and you’re making the choice now to put yourself back at the top where you belong. The choice is yours, remember that! Now get out there and choose a healthy, happy, fit life for yourself!