Tanning Beds & Trans Fats | Both make baked goods!

Posted on September 21, 2009


It should be common knowledge by now that tanning beds are on par with such cancer causing (and lethal) things as arsenic, hepatitis B virus, and chimney sweeping. While some cancers seem to come out of the blue to an otherwise healthy individual, there is no justifiable reason to continue doing activities that you know significantly raise your risk of developing cancer i.e. smoking, tanning beds, excessive alcohol intake, to name a few.
There is a startling amount of things you can do to take control of your own health & it is up to you to make the choices that will lead you toward health & away from sickness!
 There may be some cases of cancer that are going to show up regardless of what you do, and you may also get hit by a bus tomorrow, but neither of those are reasons to say “the hell with it” now and sit like a toad on a log, slurping up each convenient but highly processed thing that comes your way. You have to care enough to make the healthy choice and to not make an excuse for yourself. If you don’t care, it is very unlikely that anyone else is going to care, and even if someone does care about you getting healthy, it has 1/100th the power of motivating you than you would have over yourself.
I think the best perspective to live in this world with, is one of living optimally well, and striving to get better each day.. If you are not striving for improvement somewhere, then you have made the slow turn towards decay and death, and given the amount of eternal youth-based products/services/’cougar’ dating shows out there, that does not seem to be a turn many people actively want to make. Which is awesome! Because if everyone who is buying age-defying face creams, working out with a trainer to get that feel-like-they’re-25 body, and dating men 10+ years their junior all carried the same motivation for youth to their nutritional and on-their-own exercise/stretching programs, we’d have a nation that no longer can boast 60+% of its citizens as obese!
Back to the ‘getting cancer regardless of what you do’ thing; take Lance Armstrong– already a pretty fit, healthy guy when he got testicular cancer… We don’t know his exact lifestyle or fitness choices from back then, but we know that he fought like crazy to get better and did everything for his health that he could to rid himself of the cancer and never have it return. You can bet that he does not ever consider eating fast food now because he is treating his body like the gift that it is & eating something like fast food would be a choice that takes him away from his ultimate goal of health.
Every choice you make for your health & fitness is either taking you toward your ultimate goal, or away from it. There is no choice you make that lets you sit in the middle. The last fitness and health choice you made – was it moving you toward your ultimate goal or away from it?
 Some people will have pre-cancerous-like cells already lying dormant in their body. Some of those people will have nothing ever happen and they will live a long life that never receives a cancer diagnosis. Some people will have those same cells and will set up just the right environment for those cells to grow and form into a life-threatening form of cancer. There is no simple test that can tell us if we are pre-disposed to any one disease, including cancer, but there are many lifestyle factors we can take a look at to determine if we may be “high-risk.”
The National Cancer Institute estimates that approx. 1/3rd of cancer deaths may be diet related. Many of the foods that help to fight the chances of getting cancer are rich in antioxidants. An antioxidant is a nutrient in foods that prevents or slows oxidative damage in the body; when the body uses oxygen, it produces free radicals, the damage from which is cumulative and hurtful to the body.
Foods that can help fight cancer growth include:
Chili Peppers & Jalapenos
Cruciferous vegetables
Garlic & Onion
Licorice Root
Oranges & Lemons
Red wine – in moderation, for most people 1 glass per day is the amount allowed to get the benefits of the polyphenols
Seaweed & other sea vegetables
Sweet Potatoes
Teas: Green & Black
*Note that not one thing on this list comes from a box! (unless you’re buying boxed wines, and then you have to question the quality of said wine) It’s a reasonable assumption that anything that comes directly from the ground is going to have great levels of helpful vitamins & nutrients!
Foods that may be linked to a rise in cancer rate:
Foods cooked with trans fat
Foods using high fructose corn syrup as a main ingredient
Foods made from chemical food additives , preservatives, and food dyes
Fried foods
Baked goods that are high in unhealthy saturated fats
Genetically Modified food – which is VERY common in grocery stores today & in packaged foods
Over-grilled foods – too much food seared and burned on the grill creates carcinogens on the food that you then ingest
*Note that not one food that comes from the ground would naturally contain any of these ingredients. So when you are in the mood for a treat, dessert, or special side dish – make it yourself so you can be in control of what goes into it! You can buy the ingredients you wish – many baking and cooking ingredients now are made from healthy bases rather than preservatives and saturated fats – and know that even if you’re making a decadent treat, it’s got only good choices that YOU made put into it!
Activities that can help the body fight cancer growth:
Regular, consistent exercise; both cardio & strength training – remember that 1 day per week is not enough to send the signal to the body to grow & repair
  – studies show that 30mins per day 5 days per week is the minimum needed to make a positive change
Meditative exercise like yoga, pilates, tai chi – a chemical response happens when you actively engages in mentally relaxing, de-stressing activities like these
  – slowing your heart rate, lowering your blood pressure, balancing out your stress hormones, all help the body live in a state of ease & health
*Note that yet again, exercise can assist in living a healthy, long life – if you are making time for something else in your day and letting time for exercise fall off the to-do list – are you confident in whatever that other thing is in providing as many health benefits as exercise can? Focus in on living your most optimal life & making the best choices that you can every day!