Jungle Gym Workout

Posted on September 18, 2009


playground pull-up

playground pull-up

Warm- Up:  5mins of alternating jogging in place with basic stretching

             – Keep moving while stretching, this is not the workout to stand in place in stretch

Workout:  Full Squats (hands clasped above head) – 45sec

                      Body Weight Rows – 45 sec

             -Use a swing to hold the sides of the seat & lean back so your body forms a straight line & you’re hanging   down from the swing with your feet on the ground so your body is at an angle to the ground

             -Bend the arms pulling yourself all the way up to the swing then lower down

                   Bench Step Ups – 45 sec each leg

             -Find a park bench or a high step on the jungle gym & step up w/ the same leg for 45 sec then switch and work the other leg

                   Sprints – 30 sec

            -Work with whatever distance you have to run as fast as you can

                   Plank Hold –   30 sec

          -Lay on the floor facedown with forearms resting under shoulders & elbows bent at 90 degrees. Raise body up into a straight line so only elbows and toes are on the ground & everything else is lifted up off ground, pulling belly button into spine

                  Dips – 45 sec

          -Go back to your bench or high step and sit on edge w/ fingers facing out off bench. Slide butt off step & bend elbows so you lower your body down then push up through your triceps, straightening your arms completely. Repeat

                 Pushups – 45 sec

        -Keep your body in a straight line and try to stay up the whole time, keeping hips in line with shoulders and the rest of the body. If you have to rest on the pushups, your “rest position” is to keep the knees off the ground and push back in your pushup position into a Yoga Downward-Dog Position until you’re ready to start again

               Hanging Leg Lifts – 45 sec

        -Hang from monkey bars, even if they are low, just bend your knees so that your arms are fully extended. Tuck knees up to chest and lower back down, try to not let your feet rest on the ground between reps, using abs to support movement at all times.

              Sprints – 30 sec