Breaking News! Best workout found by 6-yr olds!

Posted on September 18, 2009


 It’s Thursday, your day to do the bike for your workout. It’s Friday, your day to go for a jog and try to not bore yourself to death before Supernanny is over on the treadmill tv’s. Ho hum, another workout week come and gone. Have your results stagnated with your workout? It’s not surprising! We have coached for a long time that you have to keep changing up your workout in order to stick with it and see the best results. However, I know very well that my mind works differently from yours when it comes to creating new exercises and workouts.

So with summer coming to a close, I thought I would bring you a workout on how you can break out of your workout rut and start having some fun again with changing and toning your body.

Headline news – Play like a 6 year old in their own habitat (a playground) & see your fun and fitness level jump! It’s true! If you do personal training with me in the warm months, you know that we take it outdoors and crank up the creativity by training at local parks. Not only does that usually do the trick to break someone one of their comfort zone, but we get to revert back to the fun and energetic levels we had when we were kids.

Life becomes so serious once we are adults, and it simply is not healthy to stay in a stressed environment for too long – and a workout can be almost as stressful as your day if you are not getting where you want to with it. Comparing ourselves to kids, they have a generally happy outlook on life, they don’t sweat the small stuff (if someone takes their toy, they usually are friends again in 30secs), they laugh loudly and often, and they enjoy the simple act of using their bodies – all without realizing just how much of a role model they are to the adults of the world!

What says that, as adults, we cannot take on the same characteristics & enjoy our bodies and lives similarly? What rules were put in place that said working out and staying in shape has to be about always about a set amount of time or calories burned? You will enjoy your workout that much more if you can have some fun with it while you’re at it. Swing from monkey bars! Run up the slide from the bottom up! Climb up the rope wall to the top of the bridge! Use your body like it is craving to be used!

Your joints go in multiple directions for a reason – they are to be used! So take 1 workout in the next week, and get outside to a park and shake things up a bit. If you’re nervous that the kids at the park will tease you, take a friend with you, or go before kids are up. I go alone often and don’t mind in the slightest that the little kids just stare at me as I’m hanging from their monkey bars. And coming from my inner 6 yr old, “Hey, it’s a free country. I can swing on there if I want to!” Check out the JUNGLE GYM POST  for a fun park workout that can be done at just about any park in the country that has swing sets and a jungle gym! And unleash your inner 6 yr old!

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