Real Knowledge Tip of the Week: Outdoor Workout for you!

Posted on September 16, 2009


I wanted to get you at least 1 more outdoor workout before we lose the weather for the summer. Get off your butt this weekend, plan this around the football games & feel good knowing you got some vitamin D out in the sun & you got creative with what your body can do! This workout is inspired from a workout I did last weekend when I was tagging along on a dirtbiking trip & since I’m not yet allowed to actually ride a big bike out on the track, I thought while the big guys were out riding, I could use that time to get a workout in!

We’re not even going to the park for this one, go in your backyard, front yard, anywhere you want.

You’ll need:

– a jump rope(don’t have one handy? do the fake jump rope thing-twirl your arms & jump as if you had a rope…then go buy a rope! it’s a great tool for fitness!)

– a beach towel folded up to serve as a mat (got a mat? great, even better!)

– a bench/front porch/deck stairs (if you don’t have any of these- I didn’t for my workout- then you’ll do lunges instead of step-ups in the workout!)
– *bonus* a set of 5, 8, or 10lb weights (no weights? grab a duffel bag & throw as many pairs of shoes in it as will fit, zip, hold by handles = instant weight!)
Here we go:
– 3min warm up: walking/jogging to end of the block/yard/wherever you are & back (I did 2 loops around the grounds) Just keep going for 3mins.
– Jump Rope: beginner – 50 skips of the ropeadvanced – 100 skips of the rope (don’t worry if you trip up, just pick up where you left off)
– Step up or Lunge: hold weights at sides or in front of chest, beginner – 10 on L then 10 on R; advanced – 20 on L then 20 on R
– Pushups: hands under shoulders, body in a straight line, on toes with knees straight, beginner – 15; advanced – 30
– V-Sit Crunch: sit on butt-bone, knees bent to chest, lean back extending legs out in front to make a big V then crunch back up so V becomes small v, chest & kness touching, keep feet off ground entire time, beginner – may put hands on ground 20; advanced – hands off ground – 30
– Plank Hold: rest forearms on ground under shoulders, body stretching back behind, raise body up so resting on toes & forearms & torso staying straight, no dipping down, no tee-pee butt sticking up in the air, squeeze belly to spine, squeeze glutes, tuck butt under like a dog tucking his tail, hold,                     beginner -30sec; advanced – 60-120sec
– Recovery Cardio: walking/jogging one lap to end of block, yard, etc.
– Squat w/ Shoulder Press: usng weights or duffel bag, squat down like sitting in a chair, as you stand up, press the weights/bag above your head, as you lower it down, drop into the squat again, beginner – 15; advanced – 30
– Bent Over Row: take weight, bend over at waist keeping knees bent & back straight, arms should hang down to ground then squeezing shoulder blades pull weight up to your chest taking care to engage the upper back muscles, beginner – 20; advanced – 40
– Fast Squat Jumps: these squat jumps stay low & fast, no high jump here, squat down, jump off ground, never fully straightening legs, land, and go right into squat again, fast & furious on these!, beginner – 20; advanced – 40
– REST. Drink water. Towel off. if you’re up for a little more, start at the bottom and work your way back to the top of this list!
Either way, great job, I’m proud of you for getting out there and doing this workout on your own time with only a little shove from me!