You can’t build the Taj Mahal from cupcakes!

Posted on September 15, 2009


Let’s dive into how you can take that healthy fitness plan that you’ve been working on, and make a positive impact on those around you. After all, what good are you to this planet if you are not helping make your fellow man or woman better? Truly, when we learn life’s lessons, we share them with those we care about and sharing how to live a healthy, optimally well life is one of the most important life lessons out there – without health, we don’t have much of a life, so read on and consider sharing your lessons with those around you!thank you for the image

You can’t build the Taj Mahal from cupcakes. This should be your mantra the next time the cupcakes beckon to you from the kitchen at 9:30 at night. And it needs to be the mantra you say when you are choosing the foods for your loved ones to eat. As many of us realize on at least a surface level, there is a direct correlation between the food that goes in your mouth and the type of body we grow into. Most of your cells rebuild themselves entirely every few days, weeks, or months depending on the body tissue you’re talking about. So you essentially get a brand new building to be the operator and owner of on a regular basis. The body has to rebuild its’ cells from some kind of material and you get to choose the type of material you use, however, there will be consequences if you choose the wrong material for your personal building blocks. The body uses things like protein, carbohydrates, & fats as building blocks – but needs the right kind of each of those to have the proper micronutrients to truly build a quality cell or tissue.

From the time we move out of childhood and begin to have choices about what foods we will eat, we are assuming sole responsibility for the type of building materials that are coming into our bodies for future use. Every single food or ‘material’ that comes into our body will be put to use and when we hit “overflow” amounts of food, we will store it in the way of belly’s that hang over belts, muffin top love handles, and other fat over-growths. In addition, there is a far greater battle going on inside your body when you are not giving your body the optimal building blocks for growth. 

1) You- human, and man-made 100-calorie snack pack,- are like fitting a square peg into a round hole– they were not meant to be together.

2) You, human, who began walking on two legs eons ago, are not as evolved on the inside as we are on the outside- your body doesn’t know what splenda is.

3) You, human, can only handle so much of a chemical/hormonal load from food & drink before something will be compromised- lighten the load. 

Understand these three things, and life as you relate to food and drink becomes much easier. Read on to get the truths behind these statements. 

Square peg/round hole: A truth I teach to all clients is this. Buy your food from as close to the ground condition as possible. If you can grow it in your own little plot of ground, even better! Your body will have to work infinitely harder to process something that is man-made vs. an “earth-made” product. In addition, your body breaks down food & drink and uses them at the cellular level, which means you are asking your body to make cells out of granola bar components when you choose to eat those. If you have developed granola bar cells, please contact me as I am very interested in this newest evolution of man!

People, try it for one week- choose food & drink that is as close to the earth form as possible and see how tough it is to avoid the bombardment of processed junk in the world today. But, last I checked “100-Calorie Snack Pack Trees” don’t exist, but, there are apple trees – so go eat an apple! 

Your body doesn’t know what Splenda is:“But it’s sugar free!” is one of the most common things you’ll hear when people talk about how they ‘eat healthy.’ Do not be fooled. To be sugar free means they have altered the product from its’ original state (See Square peg/Round hole) and either added fat and salt to give the food the “oomph” it lost when the sugar came out, or sugar alcohol was added. All calorie free sweeteners (sugar alcohol), with the exception of products like Stevia & Xylitol are chemically altered products.

Consider this – your body is set up to recognize certain players; amino acids, sugar, fiber, lipids, etc. so it knows what to do with those when they come into the body. Your body is not set up to recognize an altered compound like sugar alcohol (or trans fat for that matter) so it will try to flush it out by giving you uncomfortable symptoms like bloating and will change your hormone levels to try and regulate out this unknown compound. Giving your body sugar alcohol, trans fat, or any other man-made chemical compound means it has to work harder to get those out, & will alter your fat-burning hormones to do so, AND is being deprived of its’ building blocks, natural carbohydrates, fats and proteins that will maintain health.Wam, bam, thank you ma’am! 

Lighten the load:Dairy products have made the news in the last few years as people realize that milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt- all dairy products- if not organic and hormone-free, are chock full of things that were given to the cow to help them produce more milk in a shorter time. Growth hormones & steroids are two major “boosters” given to cows, and when you (and your kids who are small and cannot handle the same chemical load as well) consume dairy with these guys in it, you too are consuming the hormones and steroids. In many studies, this uptick in the amount of hormones in milk has been correlated to the earlier onset of puberty in young girls. Aside from milk, the preservatives and additives put in most food today are unrecognizable to the body (see Splenda, don’t know it). The body has to work harder to process unrecognizable chemicals which means inflammation in the body goes up, which stresses the body out, which means your own personal hormone levels will change to adapt and thereby making it harder to keep fat off, keep muscle on, have energy, have youthful skin, have a healthy digestive tract, and so on.

Lighten your chemical and hormonal load by looking for hormone-free (organic if possible) dairy and staying away from foods that have an ingredients list 4 inches long in a type you have to pull out reading glasses to even see. My rule of thumb, I check every label, and if before even reading it, its’ got more than a handful of ingredients, it goes back on the shelf. You want foods that the Earth made, not foods made in a factory by a scientist.

Start with these three truths the next time you do your grocery shopping and see if it doesn’t help you know what is the “right” food to eat to be optimally healthy, trim, and well. And remember the next time you eat, you’re deciding what kind of building blocks you’re going to give your body to work with so it’s your choice, but, you can’t build the Taj Mahal from cupcakes!!

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