Planning_Part 1: There has to be a plan

Posted on September 15, 2009




A vacation. The best resort. The best umbrella drinks. The best off-shore excursions. The best beach chairs with the best ocean waters. This is, simply, the best. Think of a vacation you’ve had that was truly relaxing- so good that it ranks in the top 3 of best vacations you have ever taken.

Chances are, you planned for this trip- for perhaps weeks, probably months, and possibly even years. This trip meant that much to you. Sure it may have been one of those rare spur of the moment, drive to the airport and figure out which plane is departing next and purchase a ticket trips- but most likely not. Most likely, you planned every part of this trip. You compared resorts, figured out what activities you wanted to do when you got there, saved money for spending on drinks or souvenirs, and so on. And most likely, you enjoyed planning for it, even with the hassle that airlines can be these days because you knew the payoff would be worth it.

So why is living a healthy life any different?

The biggest hurdle that most people will throw up when discussing fitness, eating well, maintaining general health, and overall living of the life they were meant to lead is….”But then I would have to plan and that takes time.”

Please wait for the collective “duh!” to go through the reasonable person’s mind.

 I hate to break it to you, but that is life my friend. Every single thing in life requires planning or else you get a result that is not the one you were hoping for. Think of that vacation, you did everything it took to arrange that trip so that it was the most fun/most relaxing/most whatever it could be and took care to make sure each day was as close to “best trip ever” as possible. Your life, the thing you lead every day, should be given the due respect by getting vastly more planning than that which you give a vacation.

Think about this: you have enough time to plan a vacation that will cost a significant amount of money (most likely more than $500) but you do not have time to plan a weeks’ worth of meals and the accompanying grocery list that could keep you living healthy and energized for decades to come? Or, to plan out exactly how you are going to fit in exercise regularly so you can achieve the body or lifestyle you want to have?

The truth is, planning takes effort, but not more than we have to give. The first place to start is with the mindset. Here are some rules to follow to help you get into the mindset of being the Planner of your Wellness (nice title, you should add it to your business card).

1.       It is not “too hard.” Once you get the ball rolling, it will pick up its’ own momentum, your appetite for it will grow.

2.       Yes, you have to devote time daily to it- writing down the grocery list, setting the appointment in your blackberry, thinking ahead to pack Tupperware filled with food from home, teaching your children the reasons that they are going to be eating green beans tonight and not mac n’ cheese.

3.       In regard to planning family meals- a gentle reminder: you are the parent,  the one old enough to decide what will be going on the dinner plate tonight. Your 3 year old is not. They do not control what is being served for dinner and you are doing them no favors by caving in to their chicken nugget whims. We will dive further into nutrition as it relates to children in a later Tip…

4.       You have to educate yourself so that you know the steps that need to go into the plan. If you don’t know how to cook, you need to learn. If you don’t know how to exercise, you need to see a professional. If you don’t know what steps to take to even make the plan, you need to meet with someone who can help you build the plan.

5.     The most important rule: You have to do it. You & your health are far too important to not do it. So do it. Start today.

You, your family, your health, and your wellness are vitally important. My goal is to help you make that plan for success and execute on it. If you need assistance in developing your plan, please contact me regarding services offered by Kate Galliett Consulting that can help you get on the path to planning your health and fitness. No matter what, zero in on your mindset and ensure it is “for you” and not “against you” in the battle for living an optimally well life.