My beliefs on nutrition

Posted on September 15, 2009


It is important early on that I post about my personal beliefs about nutrition, so you know exactly where I’m coming from & can go there too if you so choose. As stated, I am not a dietitian, I am a fitness pro who studies nutrition with a zealous motivation & who sees a naturopath regularly who has professionally monitored any nutritional plan I have been on in the last 2 years & who gives me much of my education I currently hold on natural eating for optimal health.

Before getting on-board with a naturopath, I was fine with using protein powders & bars to get enough protein into my diet. I was agreeable to eating breads & crackers as long as they were whole grain. I didn’t mind taking a few conveniences from the grocery store as long as it was “low-fat” or using “sugar substitute” rather than the real thing. I didn’t mind if people consumed diet soda & I didn’t mind eating out at fast-sit-down places like Panera Bread or chains’ like Chili’s because I knew I could pick the “healthy” option.

Then I met my naturopath & began to realize how unhealthy I was, mostly because of my nutrition. I’ve told you that I was never fat, in fact, I was pretty fit & pretty capable. I had muscles you could see & could run a marathon. But working with a naturopath showed me just how messed up I was and how changing my nutrition to eat more naturally from the earth could really help me get optimally healthy. Things I thought were “normal” parts of aging (at 21, not very “aged”): constant allergies/stuffy nose, bloated stomach, indigestion, PMS, feeling tired despite getting a full nights’ rest, recurrent UTI’s & yeast infections, regular neck pain, “brain fog,” dark circles under my eyes, & those are the main ones I can remember, there were probably more. Read on to learn about my beliefs on nutrition.

My naturopath taught me about how all these chemicals in my food, the packaged products’ preservatives, the chemicals in my non-organic dairy & meats, the sugar, fat, fake protein, diet soda were negatively affecting me. After he diagnosed my issues, we began working one issue by one issue, giving the body time to heal and take it out of the assault of my old diet. I’ll post another string of topics about why all those foods are so bad, but to stay on track to this post, suffice it to say that this education & recovery with m naturopath is what got me to where I’m at today.

I do not recommend anything from a box. ever. Unless it’s from an organic producer & contains less than 6 ingredients– none of which are multiple listings of sugar under different names, trans fats, or gluten-containing ingredients. I favor eating organic, when it’s economically intelligent (I’m not spending $25 on an organic watermelon, I don’t even like watermelon but that’s another story). I honestly believe organic dairy & meat is one of the most important changes a person can make to lighten the chemical load their body has to bear. I do not recommend cereal unless it is hot cereal like steel-cut oatmeal(unless you have a gluten intolerance like me, than only GF oats) or porridge. I do not recommend diet soda because of how damaging it can be do the body to have even just one. I no longer believe in using protein powders & bars to supplement nutrition unless they are made of hemp protein. The reason? After removing those things from my diet, I lost 7lbs, without even trying. I rarely eat out because of how processed even the most healthy-looking of meals are **Read my post on “But it’s a salad! A comparison” in the nutrition category to see just how negative a hole eating out can put you in.** I love cooking & practice it regularly, as that is the only way to get better at it.

In my honest opinion, while some things out there won’t kill you (whey protein will not kill you), if there is something else that will make you and your body better & will keep you healthier in the long run, why would you not choose it?

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