Eat it up – what to expect here

Posted on September 14, 2009


It’s my goal for this section to be a source of recipes for you to stop by & pick a few for this week’s meals. One of the things that I tolerate the least is people who say that they do not have time to cook healthy meals thus they opt-out & pick up food for many of their weekly meals. To say that you don’t have time for healthy cooking says that you don’t intend to make time for your health. That- no matter how many kids you have- how many hours you work- is unacceptable. Especially when you can do many meals with minimal ingredients & in 20mins time.

I am gluten intolerant & have done Candida diets to eliminate Candida overgrowth as well as pH dieting to re-balance the pH of my body, as prescribed by my naturopath, so you will not find recipes here for spaghetti dinners or rice & beans since those are only going to bring those problems back on. What you WILL find are recipes using whole, natural ingredients, most of which have not traveled far from their original state in the ground. I do not cook things from boxes, but I still find ways to make meals that are quick & easy. My taste is one that prefers to let the flavor of the ingredients shine through, and not try to hide them with tons of spice & sauce.

Nutritionally, I cannot eat gluten so have learned to find plenty of other ways to find meals that are satisfying. And if I’ve been able to make meals that my boyfriend who’s also a fitness pro & who works out hard during the week & rides dirtbikes on the weekend can be filled up, then I know any man or woman can eat this way. Since I cannot eat gluten & do believe that gluten-free living a great healthful choice for many people, you will not find any recipes here that are not gluten-free. This just means that you get more of the natural flavor & less of the processed crap that is in most dressings, sauces, seasonings, breads, etc.

To learn more about gluten-free living check out my posts in the gluten-free & loving it section! Happy eating!

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