The problems with High Fructose Corn Syrup

Posted on September 12, 2009


I’ve got a problem with high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) & those ads on TV sponsored by the Corn Growers of America that tout the “not-so-bad-ness” of their product- HFCS. I am going to set the record straight here on why HFCS is a danger ingredient and should be avoided.  

  • First of all, it’s a chemical, & I have a problem with the high chemical-load found in processed foods. Why would you want to eat chemicals when you can eat real food?
  • Second, just because something is made ‘from corn’ does not mean it is the same thing as corn- cocaine is not the same thing as the coca leaf from which is comes.

How it impacts the body– HFCS has been implicated in elevated blood cholesterol levels and the creation of blood clots. It also inhibits the action of white blood cellsso they are unable to defend the body against harmful foreign invaders. In addition, consumption of fructose causes a significant increase in uric acid, which can be an indicator of heart disease. Also, because fructose is metabolized in the liver, it does not cause the pancreas to release insulin the way it normally does. Fructose converts to fat more than any other sugar. no_high_fructose_corn_syrupIt also raises serum triglycerides significantly. To be properly broken down, fructose must rob the body of ATP- which are it’s energy stores, thus creating a lower store of energy for the body to use. The body is being robbed from optimal function and processing in almost every way by the consumption of HFCS.

Read on to learn what HFCS is, why it negatively impacts the body,  what YOU can do to get it out your diet.   Definition– HFCS is any group of corn syrups that have undergone enzymatic processing in order to increase their fructose content and are then mixed with 100% cane sugar to reach their final form. It is a cheap alternative to adding cane sugar or beet sugar to foods, which was predominately used up until the 1970’s.

   What it does– Pure fructose contains no enzymes, vitamins, or minerals and robs the body of its micronutrient balance in order to assimilate itself for physiological use- it is depleting you as you consume it. HFCS contains a high amount of “free” or unbound  fructose. Studies show that free fructose interferes with the heart’s use of key minerals like magnesium,  copper, and chromium- all of which are necessary for body function.

   How to avoid it

Read your labels.Almost every kind of bread on the store shelves to day- white or wheat- contains HFCS. Sprouted grain breads do not contain it- these include Ezekiel and Hemp bread.

Avoid fast food– at McDonald’s, a majority of meal items contain HFCS including BBQ sauce, Newman’s Salad Dressing, all of the buns used for sandwiches,  and the 1% Chocolate Milk Jug. “Healthy” alternatives like Subway are not immune either- Subway’s teriyaki glazed chicken strips, wheat bread, fat free honey mustard and southwest sauce are just a few of the items there that include HFCS.

Watch out for “natural” and “organic” products– these are not regulated terms and unless it says 100% organic,can it be considered HFCS free. Otherwise, 95% of the item may be organic but the remaining 5% could use organic fructose as a filler.

*It may seem at this point that we are at the mercy of food producers with HFCS, but in fact, there is a segment of food producers who create great tasting, healthy foods that are HFCS free….and they are farmers! Fresh foods from the earth that have not spent time in a factory are always your best alternative to something that is boxed in cardboard!