Food-timing basics

Posted on September 11, 2009


There is so much more to nutrition than just this, but if you miss this, you can forget the rest. You don’t treat your body like how I treated my 1st car (run it as far down on gas as you can & pray you have enough to get you to the next station). Maintain energy all day, have energy for your workouts & recovery fuel, and eat to keep bodyfat low & muscle high by doing these 4 things…

Homer is NOT optimal

Homer is NOT optimal

1. Eat within 1 hour of waking: failure to get food in within 1 hour of waking tells the body to slow down the metabolism for the rest of the day; if you can’t do real breakfast right away, start with a cheese stick or a banana & build your calorie count as you go; btw, pop tarts do not count as breakfast, even if they are made by a company claiming them to be “healthy & full of fiber!”

2. Eat every 4 hours: to be optimally fit, whether that means you want to be lean & trim, be explosive in your workouts, or want to have the energy to make it through a busy day & hectic home life, you have to maintain your blood sugar by eating every few hours. You want your meal or snack to have a good combination of lean protein, healthy fat & clean carbohydrates – a starbucks latte does not count unless you pair it with nuts, fruit or a sandwich.

3. Eat within 2 hours of going to exercise: there are plenty of people who believe in working out first thing in the morning on an empty stomach…here is what I know – with a small amount of glucose(energy) in your body, you have the fuel needed to get those last few reps, to push just a little bit harder, to go for just a hair longer..and that, to me, is the diference between being optimally fit & just fit. If you can be better, why wouldn’t you? 

4. Eat within 1 hour of completing exercise: Your body is craving some lean protein & a little healthy carb (read: veggies if in the evening, fruit if during the day or morning) If you must have a sandwich, go ahead, but as you’ll see in other posts, I do not advocate for very many grains due to their gluten content. If you want to be your optimal best, this food is so important because your body only has about an hour to re-build & get the nutrients it needs in before the window shuts.

Happy eating!

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