Double your weight loss!!

Posted on September 11, 2009


How many infomercials have you seen with promises like this? There is actually something legitimate that has this kind of impact, but it isn’t a pill and it isn’t a program. It isn’t a special diet. You can buy it for about the same price as a bottle of water. It’s a journal, or a notebook.

The August issue of the American Journal of Preventative Medicine published a study by the Kaiser Permanete’s Center for Health Research. Their study of 1685 overweight or obese adults showed that “those who kept daily food records lost twice as much weight as those who kept no food records.”

Weight loss journals tend to get more attention than exercise journals. For the best results, people should use both. It takes discipline to use a journal on a consistent basis. The best way to use a journal is to make sure that you use one on a regular basis- whether you did well with your exercise and nutrition plan or not. It will help keep you motivated, and potentially help keep you on track. Business professionals keep journals about their progress, success, and ideas and can review them to alert themselves to any patterns that are occurring.

Do I keep a journal? You better believe it. Even on weekends. Even on holidays. I also write down how many hours I slept, how I felt upon waking in 3 words or less, & any feelings that develop during the day. It helps me to see if I’m getting enough variety in my meals to get all the vitamins & nutrients I need as well as if I’m getting enough calories in at the right times to have peak energy throughout the day. Anal? Not if I’m going to be optimally fit!!

People don’t realize how much nutrition plays a role in the quality of your day. The idea of picking up a pattern is really helpful too, since most of the time, you don’t realize that your complaining about the same thing every day or that you have limited your lunches and snacks to the same 4 foods (which in the long run can cause you to develop allergies to that food).

I would urge you to give food journaling a try – a notebook for writing in – I got a flexible covered one so it would fit in my purse because, yes, I take it with me when I’m on the road all day. That may be a bit anal, but I don’t really want to be wasting brain space trying to remember the food I ate, how much of it I ate, and at what time. Go forth & journal!!