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Posted on August 31, 2009


As part of my growing business in fitness consulting, I wanted to have a place where anyone could come at any time of the day or night to get real knowledge, real education & motivation about living an optimal life.I’ve taught clients that it’s about being optimally fit & getting there can be a fun, enlightening experience when you have the right info in your hands. Everyone has the ability to live optimally well – and they can! – since being optimally fit does not mean you have to have perfect legs, washboard abs or be youthful looking forever.

To me, optimal fitness means that you’re using your body to be capable & fit –

You can ask of your body a multitude of things & it will respond accordingly.

You can lift heavy objects, but you’re also able to sustain cardiovascular performance (whether than means running a marathon or cycling enough to sweat for an hour).

If you’re optimally fit you choose foods for their nutritional value & you eat real food that comes from the ground or an animal.

You also balance your workout & lifestyle activities to include a variety of activities and exercise-formats so that your body can be agile, balanced & flexible.

Your core is strong & your body isn’t living with perpetual pains that could be corrected by improved posture.

You live with the understanding that you are in control of most of what happens to your body & it is up to you to be as educated as possible.

You view life as an opportunity & not a penance & you approach each day with zeal for what it possible.

If all this sounds like a nice idea but not one you’ve had the ability to live in yet, then bookmark this blog & return often as I post tips, tricks, education, news & motivation to help you get to your most optimally fit body possible!

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